The Plan….

Home was a beautiful farming village that boasts the only place in the world they still practiced medieval farming. The farms are owned by mam herself, the crown (and in the heart of the village we have a great pub ‘the Dovecotte inn’, popular with visitors and walkers there is a B&B ‘the goat house’ but apart from that it’s a quiet, peaceful, idilic village.
I used to commute (weekly boarding) to London where work was. I always remember the stress leaving me as came up to the village. There was never any frustration being slightly delayed by a horse, a tractor or pheasants going about their business in the middle of the quiet roads.
It’s fair to say I’ll miss it, not least the people in it…
So the plan….Heading out past Lincoln towards mablethorpe and my first sight of the our clear turquoise sea is about 60 miles, certainly enough for day 1. Particularly adjusting to the weight I’m carrying. I must remember there’s no rush. I suspect I’ll learn a lot on day 1, hopefully all positive or at least issues I’ll be able to turn into a positives.
From there I’ll be keeping the sea on my right as I head up the east coast through Scarbrough, Newcastle to Berwick-upon-tweed before crossing on Hadrian’s wall to Carlisle.
Downhill from there… past the subs in Barrow, Blackpool for some rock and Liverpool. Sharp right then through North Wales and Holyhead and many unpronounceable Welsh villages before freewheeling down to Penzance and the south cost, which I hear is totally flat.
Folkestone, Margate, into London and Battersea for a pit stop. Back out through Essex, beautiful Suffolk and east anglia before the last leg back to Nottinghamshire.
Who knows how long it will take, what I’ll see and learn and who I’ll meet along the way. That’s the joy of adventure isn’t it…
Right early to bed and roll on tomorrow (I think).

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