Day 1 – The grande depart…

I left far too late, must have been 10.30 ish, but what a start. My middle son joined me for the first mile which was amazing, then he saw a hill and said he needed to get back. He did leave me with some words that will stay with me the whole trip, “dad remember, you haven’t lost of you come back early”. What wise words for a 15 year old. We rarely lose do we do set ourselves up to fail far too often and totally unnecessarily.
I took the old railway line track to Lincoln across a beautiful viaduct hidden away from the human eye and met two lovely chaps, Herman (who’s Dutch bit I think he said he never lived there) and Jeff / Geoff, both retired and making the most of their bikes and their retirements with rides at least twice a week, and they both looked really well for it. It was so nice for me to have that company so early into my ride as there was a danger I’d be missing a few people from mile 1. Actually haven’t thought about them all day 🤔😂
Lincoln to Louth was hard. First I had the mammoth climb up past Lincoln cathedral which I hadn’t expected. Back to reality, cars up my arse, road range, beeping, the whole way. Heart rate was definitely 150+
I took a lot of slightly wrong turns sometimes doubling back sometimes fudging it before I hit the Lincolnshire Wolds… I was 45 miles in by this time. Steep up, fast down, Steep up, fast down, Steep up, fast down… I saw nothing of them instead watching the pool of sweat widen on the tents dry bag, which is tied onto my handlebars. Jeez this did me in big time but after some Percy Pigs, a handful of nuts and a conference call with the same son who did the grande depart with me and the encouraging news I was only 11miles away from the sea, fish and chips and my campsite.
Fish and chips only a few miles from Grimsby was poor I have to say but the view was amazing. Sat on an old wooden bench in an old stone old air raid bunker looking out to a long stretch of MOD owned beech with a sign to one side reading: DANGER of unexploded bombs and missiles. It didn’t say kEEP OUT but it did say it’s highly dangerous to dig or interfere with any objects found here. The notice finished with: No rewards will be granted by the MOD for any objects found. I decided not to explore and finished my fish and chips, put my tent up, write my blog and pass out….
66miles and stage 1 complete 4000 odd miles to go….Bicycle intact, intact running like a dream
Over and Out

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

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