Day 2 – fish and blips….

The reality of camping in October is setting in….My campsite host liz clearly felt sorry for my wet bedraggled state this morning and very kindly gave me 4 eggs which I polished down in the company of Sean, nice chap who brother was the stuntman for the James Bond and The Queen at the opening of the London olympics.

Sean kindly topped me up with a sugary tea before I set off. The Plan was to cross the Humber bridge today.

1 hour into my ride my heart sank when I saw a signpost saying Louth 1mile. I passed through Louth yesterday at about 3.30pm….i reminded myself I was in no rush and heading for the cost on day 1 would need some sort of geographic calibration and I carried on merrily towards Cleethorpes and Grimsby.
Not that I expected to pass through Grimsby without the smell of fish but wow it’s pungent and rather nice actually. Locals o can understand could get tiresome of the whiff though.
Grimsby to Hull was a nightmare to ride through. The docs, depots, piles of storage, fields of cars and industrial estates knocked me off my route about 10 times. At one point I belligerently tried to cycle along a muddy old railway track. My tires are reinforced but I’m still on a road bike. I wish I’d bought a touring bike at least.

The mud turned to grass and at one point the grass was above my waist. I pushed, after stopping for a hot oxo cube – god, thats a drink for when the cold settles in and you start to loose your mojo. Gin could also work but I’m glad I didn’t because a few minutes later I was on a duel carriageway, mainly full of juggernauts.
Then BANG, my first puncture. For the 2nd time today, maybe 3rd I thought why the heck am I doing this. But then I remembered my old rugby coaches saying (similarities to Barron Pierre du coubertin’s) it’s not about the taking part James, it’s about the winning…I cracked on, but realised I needed my plan B campsite. PS my ride is certainly not about winning, it’s about getting through a day at a time.

I’m working out quickly that these campsite owners can spot an amateur a mile off but the help ams humility shines through with all of them (and I’m sure that will only continue) as one man, that’s me, a bit lost, starts to find his route again.
Anyway my pizza is here now. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement through the various s/m channels I’m trying to use, it means a lot and please remember although I’m doing this for myself, I also want to raise awareness for mental health issues. We all know someone that’s finding life hard and a simple call or text can change their day. Go on, try it…. or are we all too busy x

James Haste 07931487554

Ahh the flats of Lincolnshire and breakfast

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – fish and blips….

  1. Well done James
    Huge achievement so far and continuing
    Enjoy the ride and hunt out what you want to find by day
    A pint in london is always here…

    Liked by 1 person

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