Day 3 – The Bridge of sighs…

As predicted and as the ‘we are going on a bear hunt’ book says I woke up early to a ‘beautiful day’… the plan was to at least get to Hornsea, maybe Filey – about 60miles.
My first sight of the Humber bridge was a real lift. I know I’m 3 days in to a 60 odd day tour but landmarks are real lifters of the spirts, fields thought nice don’t really do it for me.
The route to the Humber bridge is a bit of a bugger (sigh). I was so close but had to do a loop (sigh) an uphill loop to get onto it (sigh).

Still once on it the wind pushed me across literally. I felt I was crossing a boarder, I guess I was kind of.

Hull is…Hull

As I came out of Hull i was greeted with beautiful countryside and villages like Wyton which leads to aldbrough and my first true road with NO TURN RIGHT or I’d be in the sea. I decided to stop at another first. The old post office tea shop. I walked in and announced to the two ladies “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you both for 200miles”, it got me a free tea so I felt obliged to buy some amazing fruit cake before taking a leek in a very odd loo.
There were two plastic aga-like topped covers, covering two holes. One said poo chamber… the other was blank…any ideas what the other was for?

Anyway enough lavatorial chat for now but I will return to the mystery.
I had an idea at the beginning of my journey to dip my feet in the water every day. It was a way of me ‘signing off the day’, job done.

Today on the beach I met Ron. What a lovely simple chap. When I say simple I mean way of life nothing else. He was beach cleaning today and told me he used to run a lot but, out of the way, on the beach, though the woods NOT, on the road or through the villages where people like us get HONKED or the finger get raised, or even shouted and spat at for getting in the way of their very important drive. It still amazes me with clearly lots of weight on my bike (I think my bike and luggage weight 70kg people still try and sneak or barge past. I hope I don’t end up in a ditch. I remember lockdown and the kindness and humility that seemed to be all around, how long ago was that???

With the sea by my side and camps a plenty I decided to cut short my ride at Hornsea to a great campsite called Northorpe B & B and campsite. Lovely owners, really hot showers and a kitchen which I have been in all night and not cooked a thing. Great to catch up with friends after my fish and chip supper. I am so lucky to have great friends and family, I miss you all.

Anyway bed beckons. Over and out. Hasty x

Another lost soul and the extra mileage banked as a/watch stopped
Best Tea and Cake so far
Look who’s driving
Middle of Humber Bridge
H….asty on way round UK. H….opefully. And trying to raise some better awareness for Mental H….ealth issues. Things can seem so small and irrelevant and turn into mountainous problems if we don’t talk

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