Day 4 Dick Whittington but no pantomime…:

Well what a miserable night (oh no it wasn’t, eh…oh YES it was) I think my tent was in the eye of the current and far too frequent storm/s we have these days. Apart from the fact I was bailing till about 3am the icing on the cake was my new pack of Marlboro lights were soaked.

My landlord and his wife martin and Joanne from Northorpe campsite, Hornsea clearly felt sorry for my sorry appearance too and so kindly tumble dried some clothes for me. Isn’t that kind. This is not a publicity blog as I’m sure you know by now but these two have worked dammed hard amid the mega camp sites that surround them. They have developed an old annex into a common area for campers, walkers, cyclists that made a huge difference to my experience. Normally by 7pm it’s dark and in my tent, alone it’s sad and lonely. The ability to sit in the warmth and call some friends was a huge boost for me and I’m sure many others that will follow. Telephone 01964 534063 (Hornsea).

The morning was s h I t. It was raining, windy, cold and progress was slow. I arrived in Bridlington (really nice beach) and decided to get some food. All i wanted was pasta. All that was available was fish and chips… I’d had fish and chips now 3 times so went as best I could off piste and had a chip butty, humm tasty (….oh no it wasn’t….)

The road from Bridlington to Filey just goes on, and up and up and on. It’s a busy road and not much fun to be honest, however the views were amazing. The mix of clearly Yorkshire countryside and coastal Britain is breathtaking. Not that I had much breath left. I’d replenished my Marlboro lights my now. The sun was out, the sky was blue and I although my legs ached, I was looking downhill towards Scarbrough. 

Problem was I wasn’t heading to Scarbrough but a little village called Hackness inland.Oh my, the beauty continued but so did the hills. With pheasants in my way, cows by my side and just beautiful countryside in the distance I ploughed on. 50 miles today but it was a hard 50. I arrived at 5pm in the middle of nowhere, no phone reception and no internet. A great friends parents home and with the name in my title (hope you find it mildly amazing Dick?) . A place to dry out my sopping tent. A bath, an amazing bath… Great conversation and a double steak and kidney pie with NO sign of chips. Perhaps a little too much booze but hey ho, I figured I would work that off tomorrow.

So a horrible start to the day turned into a wonderful day when I look back. Gratitude a plenty to be had. Thank you Dick for the food and warmth, Thank you Yorkshire for the views but not the hills and thank you to you all for following my travels. I’m off to bed now (oh YES I am….)

Hard work today hills and more hills
Bridlington Bay and more fish and chips
Err not a bad view as I head left from Scarbrough onto moors
Even the bikes had enough… Yorkshire Moors

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