Day 10 – Who’s the king of the castle. But more interestingly who’s the dirty rascal….

The news last night was depressing wasn’t it… It’s the first time I’ve watched any TV for 10 days. I am sorry to everyone that this is happening again BUT I feel. I passionately feel that we can all stay afloat. Especially if we work together NOT on our own.


I am cycling today along the north east coast castle route to Berwick. It’s a beautiful day (just like it can be everyday). It doesn’t need to be blue sky and warm weather but you all know that don’t you. Deep down. This morning however it is blue sky. A stark change from yesterday.

I think this might become an ox-now lake one day. My old geography teacher would be so proud….

I have not made it far (mileage) due to the constant photo opportunities. It’s 11am and I’ve met and talked to: The bird watcher (no… not a pervert); The dowager;
The cafe owner who kindly gave me some rocky road for my lunch; the gallery owner where I got a few ideas on painting projects I might do, and sort of chatted to Ivy (the shaggy rug).

Coffee and free rocky road – the generosity of people in the current climate is amazing
Lilly the shaggy rug

LIn contrast I also overheard 3 men talking about how much work they still needed to do on their house before the interior designers came in. I quote “We need another lockdown so we can finish the house”. Made me a bit angry that but these days I can accept it’s none of my business so no point dwelling on it.

Lunch was at Craster. I’d decided I was spending too much on coffees and paninis so bought 12 eggs from a farmer. 6 for lunch and 6 for breakfast tomorrow. A hot oxo cube and my rocky road set me up for a hard ride this afternoon.

Thought about some pier plopping (very briefly)… my teenage boys will be disappointed I know
Strong covid compliance

It was only hard because I had to get to holy island where I’d booked a campsite. Although you’d expect lots of campsites, many won’t take tents which seems bizarre as surely they are pretty empty. I guess at £8-12 a night it’s not worth their while. Also shops are becoming more scarce. The scenery however is not faltering at all.

Nice road leading to nice house
Never far from the sea

3, day cyclists bombed past me today, heads down seemingly in disgust at my pathetic 10mph. Touring is so different I’m finding. I wonder what those 3 could write about if they had a daily blog? Appreciate though there is a balance…. apologies if I drone on. When you have this time and this scenery it’s hard to hold back.

Nearing my campsite I stopped to see husband and wife tee off on a links golf course. They were staring (as I was) at a young chap wearing Gucci trainers clutching his white poodle whilst navigating across a small stream meandering its way to the sea. Inappropriate footwear and luggage we both agreed.

See chap in red on right with his AirPods in, Gucci trainers and luggage….

They asked what I was up to and I told them. They opened up about their son (aged 40) and he was depressed. He used to have a good job but can’t do anything these days except procrastinate about his sister who’s doing really well. I felt they had given up on him. They said they did everything to help him which I understood. For me though I didn’t need that help. In fact I’ll be honest i didn’t want it. I pushed it away because all it made me feel, was guilty, inferior, inadequate. Those negative feelings push us further into ourselves. That’s not a good place to be. I suggested instead of ‘help’, ‘enabling’ or over praise or criticising him they support him (unconditional love I think they call it), encourage and empower him. Don’t mollycoddle. Small tasks completed initially will quickly build up the lost self confidence, and once that’s returned bigger steps can mean quicker recovery. It’s the same with work. Don’t give employees 2 months off, that’s asking for trouble often. Reduce their tasks. Let them know why you are doing it as this will build trust instead of defensiveness. All that said I fully appreciate live and situations are not that simple and it’s HARD to do. I hope maybe at worst I gave them another option, another route and I hope their son gets better. I think he will. I’m no doctor of expert but it feels right, doesn’t it..

Beautiful words looking over a beautiful view

Castles, Castles and more castles….Then some unexpected showers. The showers up here near Berwick and Holy Island where I am camping are hard. Hard rain that hurts a bit actually….

Anyway job done today. Pasta, tin tomatoes and tuna washed down with rice pudding. Hummm.

The notes I’m getting from you all. The followers (81 today) and views (224 yesterday) is truly amazing. The app tells me I’m up 18%….which means, I hope, you are enjoying my blog and it’s messages. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I heard some sad (tragic) news tonight from a fellow camper (walking with his wife). If you read this I hope you are doing OK and stay strong please.

Over and Out

Egg punnet tops make rather handy crisp dishes

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Who’s the king of the castle. But more interestingly who’s the dirty rascal….

  1. Your journey is an inspiration James and your writing opens up the person within you. Thank you for posting the pictures – you capture some excellent details, particularly Gucci trainers and oil rigs.

    Sending power to your muscles and love to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks George. No power needed, no rush… Every day I lean so many new things from our….doorstep.
      Today’s before 9am Gem was from a Scottish chap who called himself Paddy i think… He owned the local fish and chip shop. When I said I was from Lincs he told me that Rab c Nesbit lives up in Spalding and there’s more…. you’ll have to wait until tonight’s blog 😉


  2. If you are following the Sustrans cycle route From Holy Island up-to Berwick I’d ask a local what it’s like at this time of year, the non road sections might not be great on a road bike at this time of year

    Liked by 1 person

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