Day 11 – Simon says…”pick up your phone”, Simon says…

I After a bad nights sleep… moan, moan, moan….No it wasn’t due to the days hills, nor the rain hammering on my tent or even the wind threatening to blow me west across the Atlantic… My legs were tired…i know 🎻

I’m fact I was tired. I guess I’ve done a fair few miles from 0% conditioned as you’ll remember in my first post – I’m going on a bear hunt to arriving in Scotland. 450miles without a day off and tent life is not ‘normal behaviour’, is it?

I decided that I would just do the 25 miles today to get me to Berwick upon Tweed (a favourite Lowry haunt) and relax.

Breakfast – protein

Before I left, I met Jim, Jessie and (woof) Juno. They had the bad news last night. We chatted for a bit and it turned out we were from the same town… I gratefully accepted two flapjacks (these were proper (Sunny Sheffiled) flapjacks – size of bricks. Perfect. And they tasted divine. Thanks guys. I know you are following and hope you got home safe.

Proper flapjacks. Thanks Jessie, Jim and (woof woof) Juno

I cycled past holy island but wasn’t risking getting stuck there in the ride. I hadn’t packed my swimmers and wasn’t sure how stronger swimmer my bike was.

Holy Island from a long…distance
A Vache

Anyone have any thoughts on a name for my trusty old steed? My bicycle not the vache…

I name this bicycle….

Sorry not the greatest photo of holy island but you can Google it if you want to know more about what it looks and feels like. I’m off games today.

I was zig zagging the A1 as there was no direct coastal road and it reminded me very much like leafy Nottinghamshire…imagine:

The quiet country roads…(filled with boy racers flexing their throttle as they past me as close as they can possibly get)…and those beautiful hedgerows buzzing with wildlife…(and McDonalds wrappers). That clean air (and pungent scent of burning sugar beet from the British sugar factory in Newark). Locals will understand….

I was often caught out today by the flocks, and I mean hundreds…of geese flying in their formations. At one point I spotted a bench. It was positioned with no view. Across a country road in front of a hedge. It had a plaque. I’ll let you read it and think your own thoughts.

Always a beautiful view at the top of a hill
No words

Further along I saw two women taking to bush. In fact one was taking photos. I stopped to chat. A young lady and her carer were taking photos. They had been watching the plant below grow and develop over the last few months. The young photographer had seen that the plant, resembled the covid virus. Great mind. She wore a mask at all times when close to it, but loved it when the bees came in to land on it. Maybe she thought the bees were the cure. I wish they were.

The cure…. stay safe and just bee

We talked for a while. I was the first cyclist that had ever stopped to talk to them. Although not the case here It made me think how other people judge us / categorise us often.

Bad experience with a cyclist – cyclists think they own the road…

Bit too much to drink at a party -probably end up being an alcoholic…

Having a hard time -depressed….

Low paid job – lazy, etc…

So I’m now having a hot chocolate in a garage forecourt off the A1 and I see a text from a great old mate. No, he’s not an old, old mate… oh you know what I mean. It said. I’ve booked you into a hotel and there’s a meal waiting for you in Berwick tonight….

Acts of kindness like this particularly when we’ve felt a bit vulnerable, particularly amongst friends like me recently, bowl me over. For Simon it was a simple act of straightforward kindness. To me it…psh… lm lost for words for once. Thank You mate.

Although some truth often we make this up ourselves, don’t we….

Berwick is nice. It’s apparently one of Lowrys favourite places. Being on Scottish border it was a strategic point no doubt when the English, Viking’s or Republicans (didn’t trump try to buy Scotland once?) invaded.

Berwick again
Lowry modern like

Im so relaxed I’ve forgotten other snippets of my day. You’ll have to wait for the book…

Stay well all of you and thanks for following
Over and Out

Scotland pie
Last few days route

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2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Simon says…”pick up your phone”, Simon says…

  1. Sorry to be boring, but one vote for not giving bikes names.
    Really enjoying the blog. The only time I’ve done a proper ‘journey’ on the bike was cycling from Caen to the alps in 2018 for my annual (2020 excepted) cycling holiday. None of my friends thought it an appropriate way to get out there so I did the 550 miles solo.
    I travelled light and did it in 84 hours so very different to (and so much smaller than) your adventure but yours still brings back happy memories.


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