Day 12 – Devolution or Higher State of Consciousness…

My clean white sheets are but a distant memory now as I’m back ‘wild camping’ just outside Jedburgh. You’d think following the England – Scotland border would be easy but I managed to take a few wrong turns today and didn’t get to where I needed to be till about 6.30. I left at 8am. But stopped of course 😉

Another beautiful day. Doesn’t have to be blue sky does it? Muddy fields and fresh air will do
Shit…. wrong turn again….

Pitch black erections are always a bit difficult aren’t they? Fumbling around and not quite sure which hole to aim for, anyway my tents up and after nearly 70miles today (Strava died on me twice for all you analysis so didn’t record several segments).

Legs felt good today. Spinning out the lactic acid is excruciating but well worth it. So leaving Berwick I headed to Coldstream where I met a soldier and had lunch at the mad hatters tea room. I there I met two 93 year old ladies. One had forgotten her hearing aid and was anointing much to amusement of the other.

This photo doesn’t look quite right….humm
Nice fit, but I don’t think this is my colour

Kelso was my next stop and I was beginning to think my day, although beautiful as ever might pass without some stunning scenes.

A very small castle in Jedburgh…🤔

I hit the river tweed and that’s where I found the views. I know it’s only a river and maybe the others are as beautiful? Certainly not the Thames though where you might find an arm or a leg floating, or the River Don where you’ll certainly find shopping trolleys, bikes and syringe needles… anyway see below, I’m sure you’ll agree.


I wonder what this will say in a few years time
The tweed
No words.
It was so peaceful I found have stayed all day
Like my head sometimes… calm / carnage

Onward to Jedburgh which is infamous for Mary Queen of Scott’s. I was too late to explore but did nip into a cafe for a rocky road. Now after Jessie’s flapjacks yesterday my expectations were high. This rocky road was tasty no doubt but no nuts. When I paid I said to the manager you can’t have a rocky road without nuts. He didn’t agree even though he couldn’t answer what was ‘rock like’ in his recipe. I decided that I’d move on as it was getting dark and the road ahead did look….mountains…. what now come on they are mountains aren’t they?

I’ve given up battling and home is not the same, so I went straight on
A….road bar
A long, gradual climb. It went on, and on, and on….

So Carlisle / ish tomorrow. We’ll see.

Sorry it’s a short one tonight but I managed to delete the notes I’d made along the way and it’s bloody cold. Two hats are not doing the job. Len where are you?

Be careful out there everyone, these are worrying times again and remember to link in with others please. I know how lonely it can get, don’t be strangers to each other….

And on…. but over the top is where I’m camping tonight, I hope….
What the hell is he doing here?

Over and Out

Wasn’t me guv….

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