Week 2 done – Fortresses, florentines, fishing and seeing Fred washing up….

Good evening. Yes I know I’m a day behind, apologies to those who missed the read during their morning ablutions. I’m not being lazy. Well I sort of am. I’ll explain further later….

Right. What day is it today…Back to Sunday morning…and yes, more castles…

Yes, another castle

In fact we need to go back to Saturday…where I had a pub dinner before returning to my tent. Pie, mash and beans (baked of course). I was tucked away in the corner of a real working men’s pub in Longtown, near Carlisle and the Venice of the North West; romantic Greta Green. I checked up and for £297.50 you can seal the knot with no questions asked. Could be handy and the same price as a family of five eating out at that great but very expensive burger joint – 5 guys. That said 5 guys do make the most amazing milkshakes. You should try them. Vanilla without question for me.

Now where was I. Ah yes in the pub. I felt like I was like an umpire observing the evenings conversation that went back and forth and, I was not un-entertained.

Bit of sport before the real sport happens in the pub

There were maybe 8 newly retired-ish aged chaps sat round in a huge (socially compliant) semi circle. Out of the 8 there was definitely the joker, the chatterbox. He had his son in law I think, with him who wanted to contribute but was constantly talked down, in a loving way. No anxt here.

There was the big lad. From the back he looked like a strong old manual worker. From the front his belly was…I do not exaggerate. Down to his knees. One of his pals jovially commented at one point ‘that’s the ex navy experience Paul isn’t it” to the amusement of everyone else. Clearly Paul was a story teller.

Of course. There was the drunk. When he finally got up for a pee. The chap next to him aired his views… “I don’t know why he bothers coming, even when he’s not drunk he’s not interesting”.

There was the landlords daughter behind the bar who had the pints pulled before any of her punters’ glasses got down to it’s last sup. I reckon they all had their daily limit be it 2,3,4 etc and they stuck to it. Well nearly all of them. The drunk had still not returned…

What characters. No doubt all hard workers and with limited pensions etc but there was no complaining. Except… when it came down to the local builder, Jed. No one, had a good word to say about Jed, his ‘chin rubbing‘ quote process, half finished jobs and his timekeeping in general. They all had agreed Jed was to be avoided at all costs. Then one chap said to his audience “so who’s got a job on with Jed at the moment”…they ALL put their hands up. The pub erupted.

Today morning marks 2 weeks on the road and as I eluded to I’m taking a couple of days off. WHAT. IS THAT ALLOWED…. Yes it is, luckily I make up the rules….

It’s half term and I’d love to see my boys (all teenagers at boarding school. I don’t think I’ll make it back to see them if I head into Wales but more Importantly. I stink

But before I sign out for a few days we need to keep the conversation going about Rocky Road, Flapjacks etc. This all started with Josie’s (not Jessie) Jim’s and Juno’s Barnsley flapjack. See below

Flap Jack?

No doubt to me this is a flapjack. Or is it?

Josie sent me a message
“So glad you enjoyed the flapjack and it lives on in memory. I took some for a friend yesterday on a walk up Win Hill near Ladybower and she described it as a giant florentine!!! Pretty accurate, I think. And there is nothing wrong with a giant florentine”

Well. I had to look it up. A florentine. I’d heard of a florentine but no idea what it looked like. Annoyingly it is indeed an accurate description of Josie (or Jessie’s) flapjack. So I’m confused now. We can’t have different names for the same ‘tasty chocolate snack’ in different places. Can we?


So a measly 10miles done today but 255miles this week and some amazing views taken in. Some great people that I’ve met. Despot all the gloom and worry in the world today it’s refreshing to see there are lots of people just getting on with it. All willing to talk or listen!

I’ve pushed myself both mentally and physically and if I look back…. I’ve come a long way.

Proper tourers
Another castle

Over the next few days I’ll work on my route in weekly chunks as I know some of you are keen to join me and I’d love to see you.

Everyone’s got a bike, or access to one. Go on get on it. After work, at the weekend or take a day off – wherever you are in the world this is great therapy.

Stay well all of you and stay safe. If anyone is near Carlisle perhaps pop into the station for me and check my bikes still there 😉

I’ll write again on Wednesday. Over and Out

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2 thoughts on “Week 2 done – Fortresses, florentines, fishing and seeing Fred washing up….

  1. Loved your description of the pub conversations. I also ended up comparing Florentine and Flapjacks recipes. A Florentine shouldn’t have oats – so that’s the big difference. And certainly shouldn’t be the size/weight of a small brick 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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