Having faith in our thoughts and no more chat about Florentines or flapjacks….

Good evening or Good morning. I hope you are all well.

Firstly and most importantly thank you Josie, for your extensive research that from what I gather wouldn’t look out of place at Christ’s College Cambridge. In fact… is that you? Top row. Right. 4th along?

Christ’s College Cambridge and Josie (not) well I don’t think so…

Anyway, according to Josie, Florentines are the dainty sister of the flapjack. The names do give that away. Let’s be honest, you won’t find the dainty, Oatless (which is the key ingredient difference) florentine for sale in a road side cafe in Barnsley. Just as you won’t find the hearty, Oat filled brick of a brother flapjack, whilst perusing the afternoon tea menu at the Savoy off Piccadilly, London.

The savoy
Barnsley truck lay-by

You may be disappointed but I am going to keep the debate open, as my best friend…makes flapjacks with cornflakes. They are dammed good too. She also makes brownies…

So 2 days holiday turned into 3 and today has been hard. No hills, No rain, No punctures. Well maybe….but let’s not get too deep. This is meant to be a message (blog) of positivity and opportunity not me harping on about how hard my life was and how I miss many people. A lot. Seeing my pal and our 3 teenage boys was brilliant.

So positivity….

Meet Ted. Ted is a hoover.

A Hoover

Ted has got a few tricks too. He’s very good at walking up and down the train with his lead in his mouth. He can sit, on the 3rd time of asking, and he can do 1/2 a circle around his boss. I think it was meant to be a full circle but his snout ran into something far more interesting… sniffers do that don’t they.

Third time of asking, I obeyed and sat.

Teds boss, Hannah has a story too. Right breathe James.

Hannah lost her husband to pancreatic cancer at just 23 years old….

I didn’t know Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all cancers. 25 people every day sadly loose to pancreatic cancer. 1 in 4 people won’t survive a month. 3 in 4 won’t survive for a year. ALL, patients I have absolutely no doubt are generous, courageous and have the dignity and humility that I can only aspire to have.

I’ll put Hannah’s story up in a separate link.

I want to raise awareness for (dare I say) ‘everyday mental health issues’. It’s dedicated ambassadors like Hannah, who do the real work and target the charities that invest via our generosity, in the never ending research that keeps us alive. When I send the story I’ll also include a link to a donation page for those interested.

So it’s 6.30pm. Well It was 6.30 but now it’s 8.03pm. In fact now it’s actually 9.10pm and I’m on the last leg of today’s journey. Well I was at 6.03. Are you still with me? I am Travelling at 50mph into Carlisle to pick up my beloved bike and I pray tent, which I hope hasn’t gone for a walk. This journey today from my family house in Nottinghamshire will have taken 6 hours door to door by train. I haven’t even looked out of the window once. What have I missed?

The old girl is still there. Though rather naked

Well thanks to the kind village wikipeople, cake connoisseurs and adorable animals that have made my journey so far (and there is still a long way to go) so interesting and enjoyable. We know exactly what we would have missed if we forgot to look up….Maybe you are thinking about a journey soon too?

Do you remember this plaque?

It was on a beautiful bench, down a country Lane, opposite a hedge. I didn’t mention it at the time but if you look carefully (next photo) you’ll see a rolled up piece of paper tucked behind it. I felt compelled to write a message thanking the Hodgesons for sharing this special place with these special words.

Note safely tucked away. I assumed never to been read….
My wee note and offering to the spirits

Because the bench was installed I guess about 10 years ago I didn’t expect my note to ever be read. Well would you believe it….Two days later I received this….


I love the word sightlist. Noel if you don’t mind I’ll call myself a sightlist too.

A Sightlist having a bad day. It didn’t last. Everyday can be a good day….

You can see noels work (poetry) via the link below. I like the sound of this book Noel.

Our resident poet and new follower. I wonder if Noel will write a poem about that dreadful sightlist who’s writing all this drivel 😂😉

It’s wonderful that the circle of this chance passing down a sleepy country road, a photo, this plaque, many thoughts, a note written on the back of a receipt, a bit of flapjack sharing (sorry josie, but I did nearly pop it back in my gob thinking ‘what I am I doing leaving a bit of flapjack for the spirits’ and a poorly punctuated and probably spelt blog leads to this moment… For me it demonstrates that we should have faith in our thoughts. They may well come true.

I read an article in Monday night about smiling and is powerful meditation. I know it’s been a long day for you but come on…


(Yes I know I need a better pen)

Speak to you all tomorrow. stay safe and why not call an old friend tonight for bit of banter

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2 thoughts on “Having faith in our thoughts and no more chat about Florentines or flapjacks….

  1. Not so much a Bill Bryson in the making but a rival minus the spell check. Enjoying the blog. You were wasted in procurement.


  2. Morning James,
    It’s a beautiful morning and as usual we thought of you and wondered where your travels had taken you and how much you had achieved throughout this journey. Your family must be so proud of you and your achievements. Wishing you well


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