Fighting, Disentry and Meg

I am meant to be camping but….b&b’s are so much nicer….The country hotel in the middle of the city, in Carlisle resembled and old Victorian faulty towers. I thought I was getting fit but struggled up the 72 threadbare stairs to my room.

Well what was I expecting for £30. I was…expecting it to have hoovered. There was enough hair under the desk to make a wig but there was a bath. I love a bath,

and it had the unusual condiments including some shampoo that came out of its little bottle quicker than water would. I always think a sign of a good shampoo is it density. I left the shampoo alone. There was a also a biscuit. In fact it wasn’t a biscuit, it was a Biscoff. I like a good biscuit. Sadly there wasn’t much to this Biscoff. I wonder if a Bisc Off is the manufacturers way of saying if you want a biscuit you have to pay for it. So F-Off and enjoy this mini Bisc Off. God my mind….

All that said I slept well. Sleep is important isn’t it. I am heading out along the Solway coast to Silloth tonight.

I arrived at Burgh by sands which looked nice. I was a sign for Edward I monument but decided to cycle on. Probably just another stone monument with a plaque….


Next to the pub was an impressive statue of Edward I and it was there I met Meg…

Meg is a lunatic
Meg doesn’t see the point of using her 4 legs, two are fine

Megs owner studied history and, as you might have guesses knew a bit about his local village. Well put it this was I had to backtrack….

First Edward’s memorial.

On the marshes I decided to have a hot oxo cube – I love them. I met Janet and Jon from Northhumberland, the other end of Hadrian’s wall. Jan and Jon enjoy birdwatching. Did you know that 90% of Barnacle geese can be found on the solway. During the summer they holiday in Spitzburgen or Svalbard and, all head to the solway for winter. Told you you wouldn’t know that.

Jan and Jon also told me Edward I died of Dysentery. That’s not fair is it. Anyway time to go so I said ‘laters’ to Edward and then he got his own back…. my foot was consumed by the muddy marshes, but dropped my nice clean white helmet and I needed a poo…. hopefully I won’t die of any of these.

Back to church. Here the local villagers used to hide from the Romans back in the day. I gather the church is well worth a visit but it was closed today.

I was way behind now, so cracked on as they say. I was going round the swatch way and solway firth peninsula. Apart from bird watchers there was nothing. It was low tide and beautifully tranquil.

About he furthest point from anywhere the rain came down and it didn’t stop for the rest of the day… I was planning to camp tonight but I know the ground would be so wet and muddy because it’s flat around here I was on the phone immediately.

There are lots of B & B’s in Silloth but I’m so glad I chose the small but perfect green view guest house. Graham is front of house and his patter is an amazing chef.

Green view is more than happy to take us wet cyclists and Graham has some good knowledge about the local area, though he admits he can’t control the weather. Mind you cycling in Cumbria in October I think it’s clear what the weather will hold….They have some bike racks and the porridge is amazing.

Right got to go. Heading to Windermere today.

Have a great day

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