Happy Friday….for some.

I was sad to say goodbye green view bed and breakfast. Graham’s hospitality was second to none.

The green View B&B cyclists entrance

Getting packed up in the wind and rain is no fun and it’s bloody difficult too. One thing I’m learning very quickly is KIT is pretty key. By 10am I’d gone though one set of gloves – soaked, and my socks as well resembled a wet flannel. There was no shelter at all from the wind or the driving rain. Yes, I was bang right next to the sea but couldn’t see the 8m across the sea to Scotland due to the mist / fog / to be honest I wasn’t looking too hard…..

Rain, wind, miserable
Bleak but a chance clearing

Then relief. No I hadn’t stopped. I had found a bus shelter. I’ve never been so glad to see a bus shelter…and I de-camped for 1/2 hour at least. I put a brew on. Oxo cube of course. You know I like them.

My bus shelter for an hour

It did ease, so I cracked on. Maryport on the coast would be my last chance to stock up before turning left towards cockermouth and the lakes. I had been told if I was to go past Whitehaven to StBees I’d be able to see across to the Isle of Mann but I wasn’t going there so didn’t….go there.

Anyway I could see Maryport in the distance and then this…. I had amd was still being tested enough I thought…I’ll risk the shank of a 28 handicapper.

I wasn’t sure I could take any more….
Clearly this 28 handicapper has had enough…

I can handle any hill now because I’ve been forced to practice / I’ve not been able to go around them. The rain is fine – PLUG – because I have my Proviz clothing…..😉

The rain is bearable unless it’s so hard it actually hurts your face. Mind you my rugby mates would say I was a winger…never a tough forward….The wind is manageable too but…golf balls…and then drains.

I’m cycling uphill and the drains in the road were projectile vomiting out the mornings rain. That’s not fair. The vomiting makes me think of my boys. Ahh I miss them. By the way the vomiting was not when they were babies….

Talking about alcoholics, Maryport is a funny old place.

I assume Maryport was once a beautiful Victorian seaside town with promenade, ice creams and happiness. Today it’s not. Sadly another town that’s fallen to cheep flights, all day fry-ups and Irish bars so easily available and affordable on the continent.

Right. Left. To the Lakes

As I was so delayed I can’t say I picked up any knowledge on cockermouth but believe it was the birthplace of Wordsworth. I wonder what he’d think of my punctuation and spelling (only joking Toby). I did for a minute think an old friend had come to see me when I saw an old bike for sale….😉 oh I am naughty to reminisce…

An old friend

The scenery was beautiful and then… the sun came out.

Err is that sunshine

Ahhh Breath….

No words
Still no words

So only about 30 miles today but wether played a big factor. Tomorrow it looks dreadful all day. 100 %. Rain

The aim is to get past Windermere (c.25m)

Oh nearly forgot. This is Jess

Jess is getting on a bit but loves pork.

Ohh I love a bit of pork
Supper with some chicks… I’ve still got it…

Trust you are all well? Stay safe and sound miss you all. Even if we’ve never met.

Over and Out

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

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