A cat, a camel and a scrubber

Having never written a blog before all my do’s and don’t come from a friend, Justin…without Justin I’d be lost on this tour . Justin or as his wife calls him: the bald eagle… has written a handful of blogs as he’s toured Europe and Morocco on his bike.

I can imagine a pressure to find something interesting or re-live a funny story, etc every day but sometimes, a day goes by and that doesn’t really happen. Today was one of those days.

I am often asked… what is the one thing that’s vital on a tour like this… a good old scrubber. It was nice on my beard today as it’s starting to itch a bit often 3 weeks. Is that normal?

The rain woke me at 5am. In the ‘old days’ that’s when I went to bed. I could never do an all-nighter like they seem to be able to do these days. Stamina.

A new county and…new restrictions

I’ve said before you just have to crack on. Easily said, I know… and easy for others to…‘judge’ and, get frustrated or perplexed when we…don’t. I say that with clenched teeth but, until you’ve been there it’s impossible to know how difficult it can be to tick off the easiest of tasks on your own.

Up in the lakes at this time of year the rain and wind is not going to ease however long you wait. I think back to those D of E guys a few days ago. Up in the rain at 6am, breakfast and tents away in total silence. Grim faces thinking about the finish, mums home cooked food and probably the next stage in GTA or FIFA…

The end of the lakes – Windermere

I thought it might be interesting to show you my starva hill stats through the lakes and Yorkshire in comparison. Yorkshire was worse but I think I took an easy route via the lakes tbf.

3 days in the lakes
3 days in Yorkshire

Hello what’s this… a baby camel in the middle of a donkey field in Cumbria….

What… that’s not a donkey
Are you lost mate?

As the morning went on, Windermere got smaller and then ended and so did the rain. It was bizarre. Like I was on-top of a mountain looking at the plains below. I took one photo and freewheeled down into it with a huge grin on my face.

I can see the sea

I couldn’t see a hill unless I looked back and loved the different ‘burn’ in my legs that was created by speed… I was on a big road but for those few miles it felt that I was going so fast that cars weren’t able to overtake me. Then I remembered, as a small horse box overtook me, that it was Sunday, and there just wasn’t that much on the road. Forget that. I was bombing it and it felt amazing.

Oh not another mountain. It didn’t need much to grind this one down…. (double jersey cream in case you were wondering)
A beach

Whilst checking my coordinates and…perhaps a little breath. I met Val and her woofer. I liked Val. She’s spent 20 years working with children effected by mental health issues and we had a good old natter. Unsurprisingly we agreed on a lot.

Val left me with a nice acronym for HOPE





Literally a minute later I met a farmer riding a sheep. I don’t know much about farming, do ewe? Anyway we got talking too. 3 milks a day. No not his sheep, his vaches.

His alarm goes off at 3.15am and he’s back in his house at 8.30pm… he was 44 and had given up wives after loosing 2 to his work and our needs….

Now then, Hello who’s this….

Top cat

I was feeling good today after a slower pace this morning and added a respectable 45miles (over 750m now over 17 days) and ended up in Morecambe bay. I couldn’t resist seeing a day cyclist struggling up a hill near morecambe and mustered all my remaining energy, to calmly and serenely pass him.

The sea and those forgotten hills of the lakes way behind me now

He had an expensive bike and was so surprised by 15 year old racer packed to the nines like the old sights of families going on holiday in the Uk, and my carefully chosen words “what’s up with you” that he actually had to stop in fear of laughing himself off his bike. I have him the right hand wave. No turning round of course and gasped on… rather satisfied with myself.

Anyway tomorrow’s work so you should all be in bed so I’ll leave you. Have a good day tomorrow whatever it may bring. If it brings a whole load of shit, remember you just have to get through the day. A new starts again after that..Yes I know you know that, but its good to be reminded sometimes isn’t it.

“ Excuse me, Err hello…I said excuse me”
“Have a shave Grandpa and go to bed“


Over and Out

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