Fairytales, Sculpture and a gale force wind…

Well I have to say today’s been in the main a crappy day. No doubt as always, there have been great parts but I have to say I’m missing home right now. It’s 5.30pm, pitch black and I’m in Blackpool….

Blackpool sunset

It’s ok to feel down but we can’t let it manifest can we….maybe I’ll take a blustery walk and take in the Blackpool lights – I’m sure that will cheer me up. No doubt better than just lounging around. But its hard isn’t it, sometimes. Come on be positive.

Right, today…The day started with Decisions, decisions … After breakfast of course, on the Morecambe sea front. Breakfast is so easy to skip but it’s the most important meal of the day. Well it’s out fuel isn’t it? Nothing works well without ‘fuel’ does it? Choices – nice to have choices…So where to today , Blackpool (41miles) or Southport (61miles). I decided to see how it goes, as usual and am glad I did.

Covid compliant animals. Excellent behaviour
So golfers – you think you’re clubhouse is impressive? Lancaster GC

I had to pass though Lancaster, not strictly on the coast I know, but my journey keeps getting plagued by this unfortunate lockdown and it had a bridge which, I had to go over. No way under, No way round…Lancaster’s definitely a place of historic importance I thought so I investigated. Aha a castle. I’ve see a few of those whilst cycling up the east coast to Berwick as you know but this was pretty impressive, as castles go.

Lancaster Castle gatehouse built in 1405

Then I noticed a HMS Prison sign on the gates. So, the castle has a formidable gatehouse, wow, it was built in 1405. Round about the 1790’s the castles use changed to housing felons / prisoners. Men and women were separated by a high wall. There was a topping yard where the gallows were used until hanging was abolished in 1910. Doesn’t seem that long ago does it? The prison is no longer a prison and has now many uses but the old still exists.

Change of uses
The wardens quarters….

I met Alan in the castle and was very glad I did. Alan was bribing the prison guards with a freshly plucked pheasant…and we got taking. Alan is a sculptor who’s workshop is one of the old castle rooms. What a place for inspiration. I loved Alan’s work. Blending this artisan craft with his sense of fun and humour was right up my street. I (sort of) commissioned him immediately to document my journey around England and my reasons for it, in stone.

Alan wards work
(Royal society of sculptures and still locked up in Lancaster castle)
On the left – The vagrant on top surrounded by the callous lord, the executioner and the judge.

On the right you’ll see each bust has a tiny cavern carved out and a little character depicting who each might be thinking about at this time…

Lancaster had other interpretations of the past as well as the normal mix of old and new architecture.

The road from Lancaster to the next bridge at Hambleton was 18miles across the flats of Preesall and Wyre. The wind was gruesome I expected to meet the British cycling team training. OK I’m not racing but cruising on the flat around 15 mph. Every time I turned into the wind I was knocked back to 7mph. As I turned out of it I was straight back to 15mph.

The ‘canal’ is long but we’re always moving forward aren’t we…
Britain gone mad.

If you happen to be walking in the middle nowhere and suddenly feel a need to disfigure this wooden finger post, there is a metal plaque to advise it may lead to prosecution….

The roads around there were extremely busy too for a level 3 lockdown area. I decided it was none of my business though and picked up some eggs for lunch from a farm and cycled off to find a quiet place for a late lunch.


Across the bridge and near Fleetwood I found a little boatyard and it’s surroundings that reminded me of a mad max film. I had my eggs and rice on, and I mean on, the ‘main duke’ on the ‘skippool creek’… surreal. The sun was out and actually felt quite warm so I made the most of it and decided that a boarding house / B&B in Blackpool was the days destination.

‘skippool creek’ and the boats births on wooden stilts. The tide can rise 30m here.
Tasted better than it looks.
6 eggs and rice on an empty birth actually over the creek. Amazing

So I’m in Blackpool… What can I say. It’s not my cup of tea I’m afraid….

Hope you are all well. It’s getting cold and dark isn’t it. Don’t take anything for granted, it could be a long winter….

Sometimes I listen to music to cheer me up but it can also do the opposite. Careful what you choose to play… today I played: Gorillaz – Feel Good inc. Yes I know a bit funky for a 47 year old but I used to be cool ahaha.

Over and Out

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