We’re all so close…but details bog is down. When we count the trees, we never breath in the forest…

After the ‘festivities’ of last night in Blackpool I was ready and raring this morning at 7.30am. Blackpool is weird…Yes I know we’re in lockdown but there was very little choice to satisfy my middle class palette…. fish and chips, followed by candy-floss or ‘rock’ was readily available. I settled for a McDonald’s breakfast…

Blackpool lights, a lot of people and probably a lot of candy-floss sales

The plan today was to put my foot down and get through Liverpool – 50miles.

The roads, whichever route, are A roads and busy. It’s daunting at the best times cycling on there roads. The lorries do give us space but it’s the vacuum that’s created as they pass and it’s exaggerated by the weight I’m carrying.

It wasn’t a nice ride being honest but job done.

What’s that, in a field in the middle of nowhere
Little bit scary
Lunch on a bench

Hello who’s this….

I love robins

I came across a big store full of metal animals. Some were life sized. They had hundreds of animal sculptures and I thought they looked great.

15000 hours…

They are made in Africa by Africans out of the old oil drums that litter their country. The biggest sculptures take 15000 hours. The charity is called PANGEA http://www.pangeasculptures.com

Get off…

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Liverpool. I just saw the mix of the current docks and the signs of its vastness in the past and the new ‘docks’ set up to celebrate Liverpool’s 20th century.

The working docks
Remnants of the past
A lot of padlocks
Liverpool’s old and new

I just say THANK YOU to everyone who has offered a bed and breakfast for me. It means the world.

I love the camping experience but it’s a bit wet, cold and in certain areas camping is just non existent (due to either covid or suburbia related)

Jack and Sam… tonight’s stay in Liverpool is….warm and dry to say the least. Than you

Before I go I wanted to say: Today I met a lovely lady who was front of house in McDonald’s in Blackpool. Today I rode for you my friend.

“I think you know all the answers and I have no doubt that, one step at a time, you can make those little changes and be back and firing on all cylinders soon. Little steps that’s all it takes. As I say, today was for you. You are so close. X

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

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