A Ferry, A Friend and Fraiser….

Today has been one of the nicest so far. My trip started off as a challenge but it’s morphed into much more now.

Porridge and a full English is always a great start to any day isn’t it? Perhaps OTT but my body still craves food all the time.

I’m wrapped up and ready in my Proviz. Shameless plug but this gear is so so good.

Down at the docks I needed to get my map out. Bugger… where’s the bridge across the Mersey?

Not my lift…

On the ferry. No I’d didn’t hitch a lift on the ‘Sir David Attenborough’, I met a ‘bubble’ from the Wirral cycling club. I said hello and asked where they we’re heading.

Quick dip?
of course I sung
The docks
The Wirral cycling club – a great team to ride with this morning

Perfect I thought, I could follow them out of the Birkenhead docks and through the Wirral onto the Chester road. This lovely bunch must have read my mind. I was having Grimsby deja vu where I got very lost. “why don’t you join us” asked Ian, the team leader for the day. It was an absolute pleasure to ride with these guys, hear their stories and learn about the Wirral.

As I left a text came in. It was a friend who had been threatening to come out and visit me since day 1 ‘I’m on the B5130 cycling towards you’….

Although not a day had gone by where I have met and had conversations with people, really nice people. I’ve missed my friends. They have been supportive and there has been lots of banter on the texts but to see one was… amazing. Henry had taken a day off and driven 2 hours to ride with me for the afternoon. What a friend.


The roads along the Welsh boarder are beautiful. The people, as I had expected were full of smiles and warm hellos as we neared the Wrexham area. English border side of course. There was absolutely no way that we ever crossed purposely or accidentally the Welsh border. That would have been illegal.

After Henry had finished cleaning, oiling and fixing my shoes I let him go. A bit reluctantly. I hope he had a good day too. I think he did and maybe he’ll be back for a day. Maybe others too as I plod on over the next 6 weeks or so.

Come on Henry hurry up with my shoes,
I’m getting cold……
Sheffiled – Home Home

My base for the night had potential to be a bit emotional. I was really looking forward to it though. I’ll explain more later / tomorrow but I was staying with a dear friends parents.

So Friday tomorrow and a big day for many reasons. Night Night

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