Shropshire, Spiders and Sheep – Annabel…ewe know what I’m saying don’t you…

So after a really good sleep in a friends new conservatory and a some idle banter with my hosts, I set about some proper chat with George (aged 5) who likes spiders, really big ones and tractors and Annabel (8) who most importantly likes reading my blog….amazing. Hope the teeth are on the mend by the way

Today I had been aiming for 40 miles to Ludlow. Problem was my route was on a big road, the idea to avoid the hills. I met John Boy. Yep John boy early on, who for his 70th birthday, cycled 70miles to the welsh coast. Respect JB. Anyway i was sharing my route as was promptly re-routed. I said to John Boy before leaving “trust you cycled back too from the welsh coast”, well he nearly threw his sandwich at me….

Err hang on is that a hill in for distance?

But more Importantly is can’t be… C a wham bar….?

I also met Celia today. Now Celia is the dame Edna Evarage of a little village called Minsterley. Again probably about 70 years old and although absolutely no resemblance to a man but she had dame Edna’s smile, constant cheeriness and as she admitted the nosiness ‘I have to know everything that’s going on in the village’ she says as she waves me off with an offer of a hot shower whenever I passed again. “Just ask anyone in the village where I live, they all know me”. Lovely to meet two more wonderful people who clearly put others before themselves. True givers.

My new route. And yes I did curse John boy a couple of times, added 10 miles onto my previously planned 40. Shropshire has some hills as well. Bugger. A lot of the long gradual accents rather than the Yorkshire and Cumbria Zig Zags.

Actually a long hill I’m Shropshire

Although desperate for a visit, 5 miles was a long was a long way to go to the bog
A river. Sounded nice so I stopped for a bit
Ahh hills

It was a hard day but I had Fraser and his mum Belinda in my mind from a couple of nights ago.

Belinda has been open water swimming 1km every day for the last 60 days. On her last day I was lucky enough to join her, her husband Ian and their friends. All barking mad! She has been doing the swim to raise money for the ward where her son is….

A morning swim – nice kit I know – sorry
Hello who’s this….

…a legend
Belinda and Ian
The A-Team

Fraser was hit by a lorry earlier this year.

He is in a bit of a mess but in great hands. Magical hands.

But it’s going to take time… Fraser is one of the lucky ones as beds on this ward are always full. Some don’t get the chance and that’s wrong. So wrong.

Id like to ask you once if you can help please do. It would mean a lot to me.

So I made it to Ludlow. Ludlow is a little gem isn’t it? Old no doubt. I’ll get some more facts for you tomorrow as I explore in the morning. I know you all like facts.

Old Ludlow
Older Ludlow
Really old Ludlow
Ancient Ludlow
Err…What’s that baby camel doing here…

50miles today with hills was a struggle and I (and you! As i might have got lazy again and missed a blog) by the way I was blown over by the comments, commenting on me missing committing on yesterday…Anyway, I’m fling off again aren’t I. We all have Richard and Hetta’s to thank otherwise I’d be in a field. My batteries are flat. Not even Claire’s banana brick (dammed tasty) could revive me enough…Anyway their kind offer/quickly accepted of a bed. A princess bed I’ll have you know…and breakfast in my aptly names room (Pegasus) is a godsend.

Ahh it’s nice to have sheets….

Continued thanks to you all for the support , messages and kind words. If anyone comments on my spelling again… it will be the doghouse….

It means a lot and honestly keeps me going. Today was one of those days where I though I’ve done enough…but tomorrow’s a new day and…I might go on a bike ride….

Over and out

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3 thoughts on “Shropshire, Spiders and Sheep – Annabel…ewe know what I’m saying don’t you…

  1. Haste, good to have you back on line. Proud of you sticking at it, especially in the depths of a British winter. Very different to a gentle joint in warmer climes! Keeping pedalling.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done James- sounds like a hard day. We know the hills- walked up the Long Mynd. When we stayed near Church Stretton. Ludlow is lovely and famous for its food. Herefordshire next, one of my favourite counties


    1. Absolutely Roger it’s beautiful here. I nearly gave up the hills and stayed near bishops castle – I’ll share my route on email to you. At times I thought are you sure this is not the Brecon Beacons….. Ludlow is beautiful – I must admit I stopped at the windows of 2 estate agents before de-camping. Photos a plenty today then for you… I’m sure you can guess my destination today without too much trouble…..I’m sure I can find somewhere to NESTle into ….


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