Day 25. A trip down memory Lane

Sorry about the late blogs, the internet has been non existent the last few days so I’m behind with posting. I love hearing from you all, alarming concern or general keep goings… I hope you’ll all be available when Warner Brothers call to make the film?

Where am I? Chepstow. In a restaurant run by Gurkhas. Bit of fate with this because it was only two days ago I was talking to an ex army officer (this chap was Top Gun) and he told me a moving storey about a Nepalese officer cadet who gave him a ceremonial kukri to thank him for training him. What a proud moment that must have been. A kukri is distinctive due to its recurve. It looks a bit like a boomerang but this boomerang will no doubt cut your head off.

My Gurkha supper

Anyway back to the restaurant. There is soothing Nepalese music on in the background. I bet you can imagine it can’t you. Bright oil paintings with Everest in the background and farmers turned sherpas in the foreground, Budha is never far away and, as this family have that deep history with the Gurkha there are plenty of reminders of these ultimate machines of loyalty and honour.

Of course with a Gurkha beer

My father used to recruit the new Gurkhas in lamjung, Kuala Lumpur too. It’s been a nice evening so far.

Last night wasn’t.

It was a shocker… Wind, rain and in my tent it was rather off putting. Sleep is so important isn’t it? However if I can’t sleep I make sure I am at least relaxed. No point worrying so much or you’ll sleep even less.

Today has been a short day of about 20miles because I was on a trip down memory Lane.

Memory Lane

My mother and uncle spent many happy times at their parents little holiday cottage which was called the ‘Nest’. The Nest is right at the top of a great hill.

The pictures and views describe this hidden ‘rabbit warren’ of a gem far better than I can so I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

Great Doward summit ring road and ‘Beech’ crossroads
Oh dear… sold by my Grandmother in 1974 and not touched since
The old ‘nest’ meadow and woodland

I met Steve and Madeline who’d owned a house a few doors down from my grandmothers, now ruin…What the heck happened to the ‘nest’ and it’s meadow, and woods at the very top of this special place?

River Wye from the Nest
Views from the ‘nest’

Steve and madeleine have their house here since the 70’s. It was great to talk to them over a coffee and much needed breakfast. Thank you so much Madalaine and link up my mother with them too. I suspect they’ll be many conversations in the future.

After going down the great Doward, I went straight up the next hill. These are steep buggers but so green and beautiful.

Not the best route down….
The Dowed from a distance
More amazing views

Tonight I’m near Chepstow and ready to take on the bridge into Somerset tomorrow. I went to school in Somerset so I’m looking forward to it. Is it cider season? No… bugger….

River Wye
Err… not quite the time or place for a snack debate… what is this?

A good motto but perhaps I’ll take only some of it….

Stay safe, trust your instincts and don’t ever think you are alone.

Over and Out

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7 thoughts on “Day 25. A trip down memory Lane

  1. Good morning James , it’s a beautiful morning up here in the North East thankfully. Hope the sun shines on you too today. Love reading your blog and sharing the stunning scenery with you and hearing about the interesting people who cross your path. Amazing how far you’ve travelled since our brief encounter at the cage – good speed and good luck ! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The sun is shining indeed. Just crossing the seven bridge – my first motorway… hopefully my last too. I am so grateful of your support. I don’t forget anyone i don’t think….as each day (for my book) I list the names of people I’ve met / interacted with….Have a great day xx


  2. I am amazed you cycled up the Doward James! Your mother phoned me after your call to her so I know all the news. I couldn’t find The Nest for sale with any agents though.
    Which way did you go from The Doward to Chepstow- down the main road from Monmouth or across the Forest of Dean which would be beautiful at this time of year. Chepstow is a nice town.
    I have looked out some photos of The Nest in its heyday if you would like to see them. I could send them by Whats App if you let me have your mobile number

    Liked by 1 person

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