Pumpkins, Punctures, no reception last night and…popadoms

I really can’t recommend ‘the unicorn Inn’ enough in Ludlow. The food is out of this world and hats off to these guys to keep up the quality amid these difficult times. Staying there made me think how tough it must be for landlords. Most pubs struggle at the best of times but when 1/2 the year is cancelled….

The unicorn Inn, Ludlow

You’ll never believe it but it was raining this morning… my plan was to leave Shropshire, into Herefordshire and onto a little place called Symonds Yat, just outside of Ross on Wye. Don’t panic my campsite is at least a mile from the boarder. I heard a full lockdown might be looming. That’s tough but we know what to do / what not to do this time… maybe.

“Hello chap.. I said HELLO…” bit rude round here

I’m staying on a campsite half way up Great Doward. A tree filled, hill with houses dotted along its steep winding track. At the top is the aptly names ‘nest’ which used to be my grandmothers little retreat. Sadly not in the family anymore and I gather in disrepair but I’ll explore more tomorrow morning. I’ve just realised I forgot to buy milk…. oh we take the little things for granted don’t we… it made me think of the farmer I met just outside of ‘the lakes’, 3 milks a day….

The old clock tower in Great Doward
The winding road to the top of Great Doward and the smell of my campsite…
Yes the winding road is beautiful but it’s still going…. when will it end….

Now where was I…. Ludlow to Leominster was head down, nose to tarmac, it was pissing it down. There’s a Cadbury’s factory as a marker, which then joined me up to a more appropriate cycle track via Stoke Prior, Bodenham, Sutton St Nicholas and other picturesque villages before I arrived in Hereford. I love the mixed house cladding here and the pink. There is a mix of wood, Brick, stone and the pink which I didn’t find out about. You’d think all those mixtures wouldn’t work but they do don’t they.

Herefordshire Homes
Hello is that the…. shush

The main drag out of Hereford towards Monmouth, Abergavenny or Ross on wye is a beauty. I reckon it’s a 5mile hill. Not too steep but a tester no doubt. I guess I’m pretty fit now but broke a sweat up this bad boy. Good to look back from time to time – yes I’m doing ok.

Hereford at its best

Then it happened…

Who you staring at?

The sun came out in all its glory and Herefordshire paraded off it’s deep covering of green and brown. This is a place that’s rich with nature. No skyscrapers, man made towns here. It felt like it probably felt 500 years ago. Bar the Welsh petrol heads of course. They didn’t have cars in those days but maybe in those days there were welsh stage coach racers or something… who knows.

Hello who’s this big lad?
Ahh breath

I wish I’d had more time to… I don’t know, sit under a tree and take it in but I was pushed for time and my 41 miles was looking more like 50. know 9 miles doesn’t seem much but at the end of the day and if the conditions are wrong, that could take well over an hour.

The campsite I’m on closes for the season tomorrow. There are just a few camper vans and one other tent with two other cyclists.

Doug told me they were on a two day board meeting. I was convinced they made that up….but I can hear them now dictating to their EA’s, there’s talk of Japanese and I can hear I think the rummaging through a bowl of high class biscuits that’s set in the middle of their picnic table. Every so often I hear another bottle of Perrier water open…


Tomorrow I cross a big bridge but until then enjoy your evening. I’m a gonner. Over and Out

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One thought on “Pumpkins, Punctures, no reception last night and…popadoms

  1. Hi James,
    Due to my technical inability,
    I was days behind your blog
    But now thanks to your Mother’s
    Mentoring I am now up to date & binging on the box set,
    very enjoyable & entertaining.
    Your knack of description makes one feel we are there on the journey with you.
    Good luck & remember, nothing is impossible, as the word itself says
    I’m possible. Anna & Peter


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