Come on…Get your legs out this lockdown….

5.58am on the seafront I met Graham. I’m always awake around 6am these days and raring to get going. Graham is 78 and was out for a walk too. He doesn’t walk so well, but hasn’t lost his character

He’s on his own these days too but was pretty chippa this morning as he was off to see his brother in Chepstow later

Graham told me as I was looking at the sea. Weston-Super-Mare has the largest ride around here behind the Wirral. I was ‘straight back at him’ with the fact that Jersey boasts the largest spring tide in the world behind Canada. It was nice to meet Graham.

Jersey tides – huge
I can see you….

….don’t ask about the tree

So after yesterday’s bike injuries, this morning was spent sat in Costa Coffee gnawing my nails and then pacing up and down in carpet land whilst the old steed went under the knife. I hope she pulls through but the doctors are worried about her age. Maybe better to trade in?

My surgeons

She made it through though and she’s running beautifully. Thanks to Josh at The Bicycle Chain, Weston-Super-Mare. The old girl has had a bit of tightening up and there’s no reason things can’t run like they used to…

I saw the news this morning. God it’s depressing isn’t it? But does this lockdown really need to be so negative?

What can we do? Can we look at the positives? Can It’s only a month. Many of us have experienced worse. Wars and air raid shelters, family illnesses, bad holidays and trying to avoid the people you have gone with or….chemistry exams. God I hated chemistry, apart from fiddling with the gas taps. I liked that.

I remember during last lockdown I did 1 ride. 1 ride in 3 months, forget for a minute all the other things did or didn’t do. I can say I’ve been there. I can also say that I’ve just done a month on my own (as of tomorrow) cycling every day. What I am trying to say is it’s possible to do it, whatever ‘it’ may be for you…. Remember, for me I, just wake up every morning and go for a bike ride….

Today the sun was out. Hurray

Legs out for lockdown

‘Get your legs out this Lockdown’ – Boris you can have that strap line from me….

Ok It was flat as well today. 30 miles today ended north of Bridgwater in Somerset but aiming for 3 biggies to get me to lands end by weekend.

Bridge water
I love rainbows
The Somerset plains

I’m feeling pretty good today and might even celebrate tomorrow on my bike when the results come in… I am prepared.

My cousin lives in Washington and he assures me Mickey Mouse is a safe code and ahead in the poles. Fingers crossed the large eared mouse gets in. God bless America and from here in the UK it’s over and out.

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