Day 29 – When you get to the end, turn round and head back… keep going….

So after my rather odd song rehash last night I thought I’d better return to my normal jovial, semi-educational, animal orientated blog style thing…

I went back to lands end to see the sun come up. It is so beautiful. Raw though. The familiar little lighthouse beeping away 24/7 365. It really was a beautiful morning.

Good Morning from the end of the world… but it’s not really the end of the world is it….
The last photo here pre-lockdown. The signpost is now gone for a month.
The first / last Inn in England
St sennens church at lands end dates to 520ad

Cornwalls bays are no doubt beautiful but they are down at sea level whereas the the land isn’t. Choices, choices – do I go down the steep roads (and obviously up the other side to explore or not. I whizzed past Penzance but had to dip down to Marzion or st.Michael’s Mount. The tide was out and although I didn’t go over it was lovely having a wander on the beech. Not a bad place to be locked down I though. Mind you I haven’t come across one seaside bay around England I wouldn’t spend a month at.

Mont st. Michel
st Michael’s mount?
This is a sand scuffler…
Yes it’s at. Michael’s mount
Little sand message

The road to Helston and Falmouth – my final destination was made up of long ups amid downs. 3mph-30mph. I didn’t stop too much but it hopefully the pictures show you what you missed.


Half way up one hill I was approached my a large man with an arctic army jacket and matching beret… He looked frustrated but not angrily…

“Do you know where the bus stop is” he asked. “Sorry, no I’m not from around her” I replied.

“No, no one seems to know, it’s so annoying”, I felt sorry for him as we were in the middle of nowhere.

I enquired if he was visiting the area? “Shall I look on my phone for you” I offered?

“No, I only live there” and at that he walked off…..Cornwall eh….

The freewheel down to Falmouth was a joy.

The cars behind didn’t seem to mind me airing myself in the middle of the road which was nice. Thank you cars. There are definitely no cares in the world when we’re cycling downhill.

Falmouth Bay

Falmouth I knew a little about through an old friend who used to sail on classic yachts. It’s the UK surgery for these beautiful boats.

Pendenis shipyard.
Hospital to the super yacht.

Check out the size of those rigs

How can something so large still be so sleek and graceful moored up in the middle of the bay.

Poor photo but what a beautiful yacht
Falmouth harbour

There were plenty of giant metal tubs and normal peoples boats too…

Normal people boats…
Metal tub, large

I was lucky to be spoiled again by Simon and Emma – great old friends, who booked me onto Gyllyngvase House in Falmouth. Ellie and Andrew have been prefect hosts and thought of everything during these tough times. Andrew, I think is coming on a ride with me tomorrow….aren’t you Andrew…

There are so many good people out there. We forget when we are in the zone to look left and right don’t we…

These are just some of the people over the last 3 days, i want to thank.

It’s amazing the humility and kindness of people. Thank you in particular to:

-Merry, the young English graduate

-Bonnie ‘no dress’😬

-Josh the bike surgeon

-Mark the clipper skipper

-The Nepalese carer and his young friend who I had a photo with. The joy and exuberance of this young man despite difficulties brought me to tears after they left.

-lou at the lands end hostel and her son @landsendcoffee for the most amazing coffee and tin coffee cup… watch out for this brand you coffee lovers

-Iona – no job too big or difficult

-Ellis at flightscapes for his drone video of me at lands end. Absolutely amazing Ellis.

-The lands end sign guard who took the last pre-lockdown photo of me with his sign. Now locked up for a month. No, not me the signpost.

-Rick ‘the kipper’ Stein for his tasty though slightly overpriced fish and chips

-Simon D the hotelier and James H the failed hotelier…😬

-my friends, particularly HPW and loyal blog followers

These are just the people that have featured prominently in my life over the last 3 days…

There are many others I have met and spoken to in passing. Honest and open people are amazing

Oy…what you doing here?
Last nights filming for Sunday.

Remembering those that fell to keep the UK the UK… why are we still trying to destroy it….

Thanks for following, and following the lockdown rules around being with others. No one is exempt or let’s face it we’ll loose Christmas…

Love you all

Over and Out

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