Day 30 – Millie, Tim and…the beech in November

Today is for Millie

I know I’m no pop star or superstar but these days mean a lot to me and Millie, you’ll stay with me all day.

I knew after the wonderful decent into Falmouth last night that I’d have to get back out of the bay. When we are in the gym or even just leaving our homes for any exercise we stretch a bit don’t we? Even if it’s just that old sea saw motion with ze legs…

The weight of my bike, lack of stretching and an immediate 2mile 15 percent’er is a bit dull. Anyway positive thoughts as I’m heading to st blazey area today before Plymouth tomorrow and then Exeter.

Im proper wild camping tonight. In the sand dunes near Par. So pretty close to st blazey. It’s 7pm and pitch black and all I can hear are the waves of the sea no more than 50m away. Don’t panic high tide is 8pm. Although a little parky is so peaceful and after shovelling down my 1/2 litre of rice and salmon I can’t wait to get into my sleeping bag.

Par beech

So come on – Perranarworthal… someone tell me why?

What’s the point……

I headed on to Caron Dows and decided that although nice to visit Truro we were in lockdown and the chance of finding a Cornish flapjack or rocky road were slim. Instead I headed into the green on the map. That’s often dangerous. It means hills.

I weaved down to Trelissick to Prince Harry’s Ferry. Might have been King Harry’s but anyway. Not that impressive for a royal ferry but for a pound I was across the water and into more green.

King Harry’s Ferry

The green was up and down, up and down and up and down and I was too scared to head further into the bays around st. Mawes or Gerrans fearing I’d never get out .

“Hello mate, who did that wall it’s amazing“, “Helloo….”. “Come on no need for the long face”…boom boom

I headed north to Tregony where I lost all energy and motivation. Then Tim came speed marching past. His cunning disguise to a civvy failed. He was waking faster than I’d ridden most of the day and had a fully packed backpack. No, not a day sack that we wear to the gym of out on a local walk. Tim was ready for month away.

There are plenty of trees about guys

I have been a little upset with a couple of calls/messages over the last few days. They can fester can’t they? Although we put them to one side, forget them they don’t really go do they until we deal with them. I had tried to do that to no avail.

Anyway the army train them well. We know that don’t we? 5 minutes later Tim was back. No rucksack but instead two small flasks. “Coffee or Tea”….

Just a sec. just going to check the tide as it’s 8pm and high tide.

80 paces….That’s fine. God these mcVities Gold Bars are good. 3 down, 4 left. I’m also having a coffee out of my new landsend coffee cup

Gold Bars and quick brew before bed

Right where am I. Ahh yes…Tim’s selfless thought, sugary coffee and conversation picked me right up. Honestly I was like Greg LeMonde all the way to St. Austell and onto the beech in Par.

Tomorrow Plymouth for me. What about you? What are you going? Even though we’re in lockdown there are still things we can do…go on….

Over and out

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4 thoughts on “Day 30 – Millie, Tim and…the beech in November

  1. Loving the blog James, there have been times in my life where I have found out just how I have touched people’s lives quite unexpectedly, so I thought I’d let you know how you have touched mine. I will never forget that evening when we gatecrashed that dinner in Washington DC and you were the big bad procurement ogre, and yet over the course of dinner we perhaps reminded people that we are all just people doing a job and that actually we are genuinely lovely people and we had a lot of fun that night. Thanks for being part of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My mind is going overtime… who is this? You are right though, we put on various masks don’t we, to fit the mould. The tick the box- particularly in procurement…but I can’t wait to get back into it with a very different focus and mindset. I can’t promise I won’t gatecrash dinners in the future though 😂😂😂


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