The Ghost of COVID….

An amazing little poem that was shared with me yesterday….I’m sure this doesn’t apply to anyone we know …

‘Twas the night before Lockdown, and all through the land
The people were doing what was soon to be banned;
The parties were raging, the liquor was flowing,
And the virus was spreading without the folk knowing;
The children who should have been snug in their beds;
Were hugging and touching, compounding the spread.
And mamma was dancing and kissing her friends,
Thinking not once of where this might end.
When everyone finally went home to bed,
The germs had their own party, full steam ahead.
Each person who’d not thought to socially distance
Was unwittingly giving COVID their assistance.
As lockdown commenced and the people stayed home
They hoped that the virus would be overcome.
The 4 weeks of loneliness, boredom and pain
Would be worth it come Christmas when they’d meet again.
But all of that mixing they had to squeeze in
For that one last night before Lockdown set in
Would come back to haunt them, as many fell ill,
And the 4 week firebreak couldn’t fulfil
The longed-for reduction in newly infected.
The Lockdown would last much longer than expected.
So please, if you’re hoping for a cheery December
Then do stay at home ALL the month of November
And when I say all, I’m including tonight…
“Happy Lockdown to all, and to all a good night!”

Published by Hastily made adventures

Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

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