Day 31 – 3 ferries, a load of unpronounceable place names, and my last Cornish pasty

My last day in Cornwall was lovely. Well the weather anyway. The hills were as relentless as ever. I’ve read up on my ride about others who have done similar journeys and little Devon and Cornwall are the hardest but maybe the most beautiful when we get the opportunity to look up.

My first ferry was Fowey (£1)

One for you’re old man Henry…

Fowey is the classic Cornish tourist village. Small winding streets full of bakery’s and the odd Cornish fudge shop. There’s Joules clothing and plenty of ice cream and fish and chip shops. Game of cones… brilliant

Fowey is steeped in history…

Sorry I’m being lazy…Fowey history.
Fowey – pronounced Foy

My next ferry was looe (£2.50….) again a typical Cornish village with port and fishing boats and day tourers. I imagine in the summer Looe is bursting with tourists.

Wealth has definitely played its role here. For good and probably for some (locals) bad. There were some lovely houses perched on and in the Cliff tops. As I’ve said there places are lovely when you are in them but they are buggers to get out of on a bike. I had to push a couple of times.

Looe (pronounced Loo)

Up to no mans land, though St. Germans and past George Lane….😉 my youngest sons name….

“Hello mate, do you know where I can get a bacon sandwich?”
St Germans (pronounced st. Germans)
Maybe an old St.Germans estate? Elizabeth???

Anyway sorry today’s / yesterday’s is a bit short. More later as I head to Exeter

Over and Out

Remember we are allowed out during lockdown… if you can get out there are lots of places we can walk…..

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