Day 32 – We’ll meet again…

So it was a little bit of a foggy start to my day after last nights hospitality from Henry the 5 year old bomb maker and Lucy you pop the 3 year old pant flashing steamroller…. Thanks guys. Great to catch up with mum and dad too.

A bit foggy in Portsmouth/my head but no need for a long face eh

Actually it really was foggy…but my route today was fairly easy, once I found my way out of Plymouth. It’s a shame I didn’t have time to explore the naval collage / naval history but I’ll be back.

Oh could do with a Chinese

Of course today was Sunday. Remembrance Sunday. There were lots of cyclists out which was nice.

What’s this?

Chinese take-away of course

20ish miles took me to Knightsbridge. I mean Kingsbridge.

No Harrods here but nice spot for lunch

From there southern road would take me to Salcombe or the north towards Dartmouth. Salcombe was too far and I’d forgotten my surf board so I headed towards Dartmouth. The route still felt Cornish – up and down but not so steep.

A typical Cornish church. I passed many identical bell towers
I was told there is no charge for idiots…

I said not so steep. Then I hit Torcross and Start Bay.

Start bay was a bit disappointing to be honest. I was looking around thinking there must be some history around this spit but nothing more than a 4 gunned frigate called Friendship that patrolled there in the 1750’s…. The fish and chip shop looked nice but i didn’t go in. God the time… the days are getting so short now for cycling. Really 3pm is stop time.

The route out of Start Bay was a killer. I then looked right and….


Start bay
Ahh the open sea
Bit of an arty one…

Rob Carter Travelling Stills comes to mind

As I headed north to Totnes the roads no doubt flattened out a little more and I was able to get more miles in. 50 today. In all a great day full of everything;

Fog, Sun, Drizzle, 30 degree plus hills, 30mph downhills, nice motorists, one nasty motorcyclist. There were:

Hills, horizons, hurting legs and humour and laughter

Ships, Soreen, Steak, Sambuca and finally sleep… perfect

Anyway sorry a little light tonight but it’s Sunday. Remember we’ll meet again but until that time…

NEVER forget

Over and Out

Hello… who’s this some old Millfield rugby legend that gave me a bed tonight…

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