Day 33, Devon done…Bring on the white cliffs of Dover…I’m ready

More fog today and as the ferry to exmouth is closed this time of year I can’t deny…I got a lift. Thanks to Jean-luc for the gin and his dad for the idle banter last night.

What… Timmy fell down a well?

The road to sidmouth was nice but not a lot to see. It’s funny what consumers a lone cyclists mind. Today it was sounds…

Different plants, trees, I guess just nature things… make very different noises that I notice so clearly during the long voids between places. Waves and trees are similar. Powerful swirls of deep noise. Bracken is the opposite, like the light flickers of…like maracas in a bongo bar.

Grass shimmers and sways smoothly whereas hedges are more sharp. Am I loosing it? Am I loosing you?

Observe the rules please sir

Where am I? Sidmouth. Sidmouth was disappointing and had a bloody great hill to get back out of it. I’m sure it’s lovely really but I rode on towards Lyme Regis. Happily though…

Err should you be here…
Check out old entrance stone…he shouldn’t be here….

Until my shoe broke.


Yes I have cleats that peg me into to the pedal and both screws came off one shoe. Lost. Gorilla tape. Gorilla tape fixes a lot it was essential, as was a bike shop and there at ‘the filling station’, colyford I was saved.

Christmas pudding flapjack

Free cleats, a free chain as mine is sagging slightly and the best flapjack I have had so far. Christmas pudding flapjack. It Bowles me over how generous people can be. Thanks Ben and his team.

Lyme Regis is nice. Those red cliff faces were daunting with the fog above but the sun behind. I’m pretty strong on climbs these days so although a killer hill, no problem today.

Good to look back… come a long way
Best shop in Lyme Regis with lovely staff
The new reinforced cliffs at Lyme Regis
No caption required

Welcome to Dorset… thank you. I’ve loved Cornwall and Devon but I haven’t loved the undulating hills.

Where the heck am I going….

Todays hills

I arrived in the dark near bridport and have struggled to stay awake tonight. Roll on tomorrow and Lulworth cove

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3 thoughts on “Day 33, Devon done…Bring on the white cliffs of Dover…I’m ready

  1. I am amazed by how far you have cycled! Wonderful and I love your description of the sound of things like bracken – very evocative. Bloody well done – I have started reading Fraser your blogs as there is no visiting at the moment and you bring a breath of fresh air. Xx


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