Day 34 – Blocks, Rocks and school of hard knocks…

Today was perhaps the most picturesque day to date…

The best day so far, maybe

It started with a wash. A car wash. For my bike of course. The mixture of mud, oil and lack of attention meant the old girl was not looking or functioning so well… the chain wasn’t even sitting flush under no pressure so a quick jet hose was imperative.


The sun was out and so were my legs…The hilltop climb towards Abbotsbury was long but every time I looked right Chesil beach was getting closer. Not a bad view to have really. From the top of the cliffs it’s rather spectator isn’t it?

Could be middle of the summer
Chesil beach

I passed St Catherine’s abbey sitting proudly, and dare I say a little dauntingly, like something out of Wuthering Heights on the last mound, before riding into the clearly Dorset…thatched village of Abbotsbury.

St Catherine’s abbey
“Err.. excuse me you guys can’t all be in the same bubble… “ what do you mean there’s more of you too…

Cycling towards Weymouth all I could see were the abandoned cruise ships parked in the bay. Surreal. A bit like seeing the oil rig on land in Middlesbrough or the Chinese tourists in the Lake District….

No Parking

Weymouth is big for triathlons and as a sat on the beach having some lunch I saw quite a few steel faced… triathletes powering around doing their blocks, like they owned the roads. I’ve done triathlons, and as you know I do a bit of cycling sometimes too, if I can be bothered….I was a little embarrassed to be a cyclist around Weymouth today as these guys weaved and rocketed past tourists and elderly people. Maybe the locals are used to it? Maybe they are not normally like this? Maybe…In fact definitely I shouldn’t worry about it. It can make us mad can’t it? No need. Not my problem and certainly not within my control.

Lunch with a view

A shorter ride for me today, about 35 miles but the climax to it was the man of war and Lulworth coves…

Man of war cove

These amazing sea arches are made from the sea clattering through the hard limestone and slowly eroding the softer rocks behind to create the arches

Durdle Door

Geologists, school trips and…Chinese tourists love it here and you can see why.

School Geography trip
Lulworth cove
Lagoon like

Great to see an old friend from school, 30 years ago too and who’s not changed at all. It funny. In fact it’s great how those old relationships aren’t affected by the everyday churn or stresses of life. Still pure and…real.

One thing this trip has taught me is that although relationships need to be worked at as life abs we change, good, strong friendships don’t…. We can overthink and over complicate so much can’t we?

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get on my bike tomorrow and go for a bike ride…

Over and out

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