Day 35 – Lulworth, Laura and Littlehampton tomorrow…

Yes, making good progress…

Another nice morning as I headed off, lethargically…across the Purbeck hills. You could almost mistake Purbeck for North Yorkshire with its secluded little hamlets and…just lots of bracken.

Today was a big ride, 54miles but I felt pretty good the first 15 or so miles… until the bank called. Luckily it was routine.

Corfe castle and Swanage were as I remembered them as a child. I found a shell. I still pick up a shell or rock a day remind me of every day. More bloody big boats too. I just take photos of those.

Corfe castle
More cruise liners in the distance

Today was another trip down memory Lane as this was where my Grandmother settled in her latter years, after leaving Herefordshire with her overly chatty dachshund ‘sammy’….

I took the chain ferry from Swanage (£1) across to sandbanks. Brownsea island on my left was where the SBS used to train and water depth around / Poole harbour is only about a metre deep. That’s ok if you capsize your canoe isn’t it.

Sandbanks ferry
Through the round window we see… a load of monster cruise liners

On the left I was looking for old Harry’s Rock but couldn’t see it and couldn’t remember what it looked like. Sorry about that.

I raced past the millionaires party houses in sandbanks. It’s all one way nowadays so no short cuts before I headed up into Canford cliffs. For those golfers amongst you the legendary commentator Peter Alliss’s father used to be the professional at Parkstone Golf Club and it’s where Peter learned to swing the club.


OMG. Every house on my grandmothers old close has now been totally modernised apart from her old bungalow with its little pine wood. Tiny I know but huge when I was little. Nice memories. Hope you like the photos Mum.

Modern toss
More modern toss
My grandmother, Laura’s old bungalow which has not changed a bit despite I’m sure many offers for modern toss…

I was meeting (compliantly of course) a school friend for a quick coffee. God it’s been 30 years since I’d seen James. He looked well and I was sorry to not spend longer with him but as I said last night in my blog. Old friends never wear out. I’ll be back Jimmy.


My second. Yes only second… guide. Well maybe third if you count Polly, was waiting for me in a petrol station in Christchurch so I had to leg it…

Jonty looked the part…and had kindly offered me his shepherds hut. God they are amazing, for the night. Thank you.

We weaved through suburbia and over the cattle grid, and BREATHE….into the the New Forest. Past Ringwood and some old family haunts in Poulner and Hightown (sorry i couldn’t stop but rules are rules), towards fordingbridge which would make it easier for me to attack Southampton as best as I can tomorrow.

Jonty, a decent guide
OY… off the road please
These honkers roam wild too eating acorns. The rings on their noses stop them digging too deep for truffles. They prefer truffles I reckon.

I love chilli thanks H and enjoyed the taittinger and Bollinger… meow

Taittinger the cute but deadly bird watcher….

A lovely day. Old is good isn’t it. Old is safe

Over and out

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5 thoughts on “Day 35 – Lulworth, Laura and Littlehampton tomorrow…

  1. Hurrah, Swanage, Sandbanks, ponies and Pigs. I think this must have been an amazing day!
    I love all of the above. I hope you have enjoyed your day. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lots of happy memories of Sandbanks. Thanks for the reminder Hastey! You would have seen my granny’s house if you’d looked over your shoulder on your way to Canford Cliffs. Imagine all those summers we were probably on the same beach! Xx


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