Day 36, It was all so beautiful then broken….

If you think you live in a beautiful part of the world….today this seemed like perfection.

Welcome to the New Forest. My legs feel great in the mornings these days, but my head is definitely sleepy first thing. Bit like a working week eh? It’s just normal bed head. I’m sleeping so well at the moment whatever bed/ground/etc presents itself and I’m certainly not moaning.

i am so grateful to be able to do this trip. Many of you say you’d love to be able to do something like this too. It’s hard to schedule it in when life gets in the way isn’t it? But sometimes these opportunities just crop up. If we think too much… it never happens.

Right onward…


Another spoke, ahhhh

My bike has been tested no doubt. She’s an old racer not a tourer. It’s like Carl Lewis doing a marathon or Bradley Wiggins doing the shot putt. She’s a good girl and stood up to the challenge well,

but she’s given up now that’s for sure, so a few repairs needed to finish but then it’s good memories, some proper procurement work for me, and then a new bike over time for some new adventures.

20 off miles in and then the 40 miles to my friends mechanic on the train was a bit of a low point. Not that I felt I was cheating. Just felt like things weren’t going quite my way anymore / the cracks were forming…

Maybe I need a proper planned day off?

Maybe I’ll lock up my bike on the coast for 24hours and head to London for a decent rest and some recalibration. That should be enough time for Clive the bike magician to weave his magic. That’s ok isn’t it?

Luckily I had a squashed banana and my last piece of grasmere gingerbread which is 3 weeks old to pep me up. I don’t think gingerbread goes off does it? It seemed to be OK. Luckily Chinese, I bet they bought loads of it. Wish I had

So not much to show or tell of today but I’ll keep going. On my own or not. We have to don’t we?

Over and out

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

One thought on “Day 36, It was all so beautiful then broken….

  1. Glad you had a good day in the New Forest James: great photos. We are lucky to be living in such a beautiful area with the Forest , Beautiful beaches and the Purbecks on our doorstep.
    Good luck with the repairs

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