Day 38 – (Heineken) Haste to Hastings…

Brrrrr it’s getting cold. Who’d decide to cycle tour this time of year in England eh…

Hang on…I set out on a bear hunt…It was always going to be a BIG one. Sh!t there have been a few challenges but as the children’s books stays… If I couldn’t get round them, or over them, I’d just have to get through them.

I wish….🤔

The Bikes ok, thanks to Clive and Matt. My legs are ok too. The days are getting shorter very quickly which means I’ve got to start earlier… I’m just short of 1700 miles now, which means I have around 600 miles left. Humm ok let’s do it….

On the sea road again… there must be something round he corner…

Eastbourne to Hastings was a short ride (17m) in preparation for me,cracking on tomorrow.

Raw power
I counted 1066 of these beach huts as I battled the elements to Hastings

The route was flat and right on the seashore. The sea air is always clean and fresh. How do we get by breathing in the London air…But the sea was raw today. The rusty coloured waves crashed in between the hundreds of colourful beach huts. The odd dog walkers were wrapped up, leaning into the wind like the lowery figures I read about in the north west.

Another mad dog barking at Poseidon
I love an OXO cube.
Not a great cycle route

Hastings new town was quite simply depressing. It was raining and the usual city centre folk looked like zombies, lost or sheltering in doorways with cups of tea or sausage rolls due to the fact that there is nowhere to sit down and enjoy a cuppa or lunch with friends or… as I like, just people watch. It must be hard. It is hard for these city dwellers and I can see why it’s these places where the COVID conspiracies are dreamt up. These city centres are dead aren’t they.

Oh not another cruise liner..

…it’s not actually it’s Hastings
I’m amazed she hasn’t been taken down like every other statue around England
London traders / procurement consultants welcome here. Shame it was closed.

Hastings new town looked a lot more promising. The old Victorian seaside village seemingly cut into the rocks with the centuries of fishing life lining the shoreline was clear to see.

The Victorians really were exceptional, carving beauty and out of the rocks
A fishing history
Old Victorian cable cars

I imagine on a beautiful summers day this place would be thriving. Long may that continue.

For me this says it all…

A lone man sheltering under a large but ill decorated Christmas tree, playing no sea shantie today. It was a beautiful, symbolic sound that though

I hope you are all doing well? It’s a tough time it’s it, but I reckon the future will be ok for all of us. What do you think?

We only really have to deal with tomorrow though don’t we.

Over and Out

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