Day 37 – Hey Spider-Man, where’s my pants….

I can’t thank enough the people that have helped me over the last few days. It’s been a tough time for a number reasons. I’ve let a fair few people down too in my mind. The tiredness recently has hit me so hard. As I have said before with tiredness comes misjudgement, misguided thoughts and maybe actions. We can get belligerent or loose in Hope and start shutting the door again. This is when we need to get back on our bike….

Let’s just ride down the path and see where it goes. Sometimes it’s great riding in the flat, in the Sunshine but sometimes it’s windy or just dammed cold.

The A Team plus spider man

Right where I am…

Well yesterday made it to Eastbourne via Lewis, East Deane and Beachy Head – 41 miles.

I’d been looking forward to this ride with an old school friend. Or had I?

Having been out of the saddle for a few days my head was saying this is going to be hard. The structure in my day, the organisation and processes of getting both me and my bike ready seemed daunting. The weather had turned. It was 10 degrees plus last week and this week the weather was showing sub 5 degree nights. Oh and then there’s the actual ride. Lockdown challenges. You know the simple ones like buying a coffee or sitting in a warm room for a bit. Yes. It’s fair to say I was not looking forward to it….

More decisions…

Adam is a great man and there have been a load more over the last few days…

We set off together through suburbia the onto the country roads. The houses around Lewes are beautiful. The chalk filled South Downs ever present.

Sorry about he lack of posts recently
Beautiful houses around Lewes. I’m on my house…
How many cows and horses can you see? Anyone see a chicken?

We arrived in the beautiful village of East Deane. Another village steeped in history. Sadly no flapjacks available though. I could have done with a flapjack.

East Deane
Are cyclists not welcome here either….

Onto / upto the Seven sisters and beachy head. Stunning

Seven sisters
I got wood
I thought I was crazy
Huge chalk pebbles

Then down to Eastbourne and breathe. 😊Another day done.

Huh… look how far we’ve come
Wind behind and flying

Over and out

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3 thoughts on “Day 37 – Hey Spider-Man, where’s my pants….

  1. Was missing your posts James and was worried about you – keep going out there – that’s all we can do every day is just keep going – with a smile! 😁

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