Day 39, Hugo, Hythe and… ahh yes hastily made adventures…

God it’s tough out there isn’t it? I was even ‘moved on’ from outside a farm shop today after buying a coffee and trying to drink it outside Rye.

I hope you are all coping? I’m staring to feel a little guilty actually being out and about.

You could go on a bike ride too. No not the nose to tarmac burn. Be a sight-list and see what’s on you’re doorstep. It’s amazing what you’ll see and who you might talk to.

Our friend Hugo and his Dad did a 20 mile ride last weekend for the cause. Hugo you are a legend. Thank you. It’s acts like this and from children no less, that keep me and us all going.


It was a bit nippy this morning as the frosty fields show us but today really was the beautiful day for me. The sky was blue and when you add that cold snap it felt like a Boxing Day without the fat belly or hangover….


The climb out of Hastings to ‘Bachelors Bump…’ was a little severe first thing…and the cold sweat reminded me again of Boxing Day! In Pett I met the village chief I think.


“Where are you off to” she said and “I like you’re bike set up” This lady was about 60 and was just off to put the flag up for the queens wedding anniversary. I’d stopped to look at the poppies in the tree that had caught my eye. We were talking then all of a sudden her concentration shifted. “I wonder where Chris is off too” she said as Chris drove off in his 4×4…. I was told the pros and cons of my whole route to Folkestone along the coast from one cyclist to another. She was 60 plus. Amazing.


After the downhill from Pett, it was flat all the way through the beautiful and historic towns and villages of Rye, Camber, Lydd and Hythe.

– Keep Out –

Camber Castle
Hythe and its military canal defences
Military canal defence

The history was to be expected around here but it’s the sea defences i want to highlight. I like the sea but you know that already don’t you.

Now I’ve seen a fair bit of Englands coast and there is no doubt that from the defences I’ve seen it’s Sussex and Kent that seem to be getting the bartering. Am I right? Who knows, but it’s certainly the a area where the most investment seems to have gone in. And it’s been done so well so that walkers, bikers and birdwatchers can enjoy.

Defences or sculptures
The continental replacing of shingle as a sea defence
Defences and a handy walking and cycle track leading into Hythe and Folkestone

I did a bit of birdwatching today. Couple of joggers warmed the blood for minute until I heard the firing of a machine gun in the distance….OMG

The vast MOD site near Lydd increased my pedal rate no doubt. I felt really strong today and it was nice to be averaging 15mph over the normal 10mph. We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

Mermaid bay, Folkestone

Canterbury and then Whitstable.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend. Remember to check in on others. If you think someone may be struggling, they probably are. Be a friend. Be a human.

OY You… off that shed please it’s lockdown

Over and out

Not all paths should be followed…

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One thought on “Day 39, Hugo, Hythe and… ahh yes hastily made adventures…

  1. Beautiful pictures. Brings back so many memories for Me and Henry.
    My first car breathed it last breath at Camber sands. RIP.
    Glad you are enjoying the countryside. Well done. Loving the updates. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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