40 days and 40 nights…

The word quarantine or “40 days,” in the Venetian language is pretty relevant at the moment. Isolation as it is now better described, but was first used during the Black Death epidemic in the fourteenth century to stipulate a period that ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore. Noah of course also isolated for the same time so that the world be cleaned. There are many other stories and connotations but for me it was just another day I was lucky enough to be alive and get the chance to go on a bike ride….

All that said. I found it hard to get going this morning….No reason. We don’t need reasons all of the time do we? My mind and body just said no.

My first stop of the day was Activ cycles in Folkestone. The weight on my bike is way over what the old girl is geared up to deal with and any bumps on the road loosen the spokes and in turn can buckle the wheel. That’s what happened last week. She’s definitely being retired after this tour. The guys at the bike shop somehow recognised that I was a northerner and the fix was on the house. Amazing. Thank you guys.

I decided to miss out Dover and Margate. Sorry Margate I’m sure you are beautiful. And the Doors at Dover opened up a whole new bicycle route potentially… can you imagine how much more worry that would create if I headed off to Europe….

I was heading from my builders hotel in Folkestone. I call it the pigeon magnet. Then on to Canterbury before finishing in trendy Whitstable where a friend had a holiday let he was…letting me.

er excuse me, have you seen my parrot?

Anyway. Like every day once we start going it becomes easier and before you know it you’ve forgotten that it was a struggle to get going this morning. Sound familiar?

Slight sense of humour failure… locked gate no way around it, no way through it so I had to go… yes over it

Kent. I don’t know Kent.

I’ve been trying to think of a building material or style or something that says Kent but I can’t yet.


Dorset thatched. Cornish cream. Yorkshire hills, Lincolnshire fish, Lancashire lockdown, etc but Kent… it will come to me…

Right where was I. Let’s fast forward to Canterbury. I was looking forward to seeing the cathedral but it was covered in scaffolding.

Still stunning and always open
New bricks… I bet these weren’t 50p each from Jewson

I imagined how nice it would look and will look, then went inside.

As all pilgrims do, I took off my bike shoes and took a pew. I had a chat with the big man and lit a candle for us all.

HOPE came to mind and a song by Nick Cave. I know that’s odd but Mr. Cave did write some beautiful lyrics. Anyway enough of my sentimentality.

I love Scotties. This was on the cathedral wall. I toyed with taking it with me as it looked old and out of date… but didn’t
Stunning architecture that wouldn’t get through local planning these days

Canterbury was nice, really nice and I’d love to explore more, as I would with many of the places I have visited. I left Canterbury after I’d visited Pret. I know…. I’m sorry. In London Pret A Manger’s are like the betting shops of the north, they are everywhere but I had to…

Good gate house

Onto Whitstable or should I say (Londons) shoreditch on sea… very trendy here.

Broken boat probably by Tracey Emin, whitstable

Anyway I’m off to view some graffiti before buying a can of ultra trendy craft beer and no doubt some extortionately priced fish and chips.

A reward

I hope you have had a day that’s been equally eventful?

Over and Out

Perhaps the big mans lockdown 1 project outside Canterbury cathedral

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