Day 41 – TOWIE

It was an early start this morning. Sunday’s are the best days for us MAMIL’s to be out on the road, and dare I say. accepted on the roads. Well maybe everyone else is just in less of a rush.

The coastal road through faversham

The high street in shorditch on sea / Whitstable was dead. The odd middle aged man with his trendy cap on was wandering about searching for some inter-bread trendy loaf but that was about it.

I’d been listening to the radio this morning and the inspirational ex rugby player Doddie Wier who continues to fight and not give up on his Motor Neuron Disease. Of course it’s sad for anyone to have this incurable disease but for someone so fit, who has always had sport in his life, it must be even more or a challenge on his mental health. The positivity Doddie gave off across the airwaves shook me into action. My issues are nothing compared to many. Fire up James.

The coastal road through faversham, Sittingbourne to Gillingham was beautiful then….

Kent… fruit and abundance of it

…Kent suburbia.

Kelly’s flapjacks

I knew today was going to be logistically hard. Through Rochester, Chatham to Gravesend where I had planned to take the passenger ferry over into Essex.

Kent was bustling. I shouldn’t complain. It is great to see families out making the most of the weekends chilly sunshine, particularly during this difficult time. The UK is more resilient than I thought, or the snippets of doom that are reported on the news. Life is not so bad when we’ve got each other eh….

Rochester cathedral

The reason the ride was proving hard was due to the Medway tunnel in Rochester-no cycles and the M2/A2 roads…and lack of choices / shear volume of traffic – Europe bound

Gravesend passenger ferry – closed on Sunday’s…..

Anyway I made it through. 43 miles today and heading for Colchester tomorrow. Good progress….

This is Ralph.

Ralph is lord of the manor…

Short one today. Monday tomorrow and the start of a new week…

Over and Out

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