Day 42, Crisp mornings, Sympathetic timber cladding and White trainer drive by shootings…

I had previously been worried about cycling through gangland Essex…The signs were everywhere, strange accents , white trainers, every home had a Range Rover in the drive but no one shot me and I’m nearly in Suffolk now, so fingers crossed.

I jest of course though there were a few ‘punchy’ Essex’s ladies that I’m sure definitely don’t like cyclists. “You should be on the (I think she said fracking) pavement”, I heard from one…

Essex. Ok the villages in Essex I went through this morning were beautiful. I really mean that. Essex do old and new well and I’ve become a real fan of the seaside timber type cladding / mix on homes throughout my journey. There was plenty of that here and it works.

Old and New – perhaps a bit too new this one
Smart outbuildings

Right back to my ride. It was a bloody cold start at 8am but the brilliant blue sky stood out proudly, whilst the crisp ground hid behind waves of cold mist. I’ve mentioned Christmas before…It felt Christmassy again out on my bike today.

A cold start
I saw roots and remembered this from Louis de Bernières often recited at weddings

Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like
volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a
decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined
together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because
this is what love is.

Right back to reality James….I stopped at Downham to test out a pond I though might have iced over. It hadn’t, but I met lovely chap walking his lurcher and daughter or should it be daughter and lurcher. I don’t know. Anyway we got talking and I was let into the village secret garden. Just off the beaten track through a gate.. hang on I’m in Essex… can I trust this well dressed chap? I couldn’t see a baseball bat but his 3 year old daughter was acting a little sheepish…

Frozen pond?

I could…. WOW

Just smile…

Apparently on a clear day you can see the Dartford crossing nearly 30miles away. Even still I sat happily at this special essex window for a while, just smiling and content. I though about the stresses and strains our family have been through but that was in the past. I smiled as I replayed all the good times and cycled on.

England’s smartest fence
A panda is a bear..
and I’m going on a bear hunt

Lunch was at Maldon. Maldon is on the black water and overlooks Osea Island which sits in an estuary.

Osea island is a privately owned by Nigel Frieda who works in the music industry. I think you can rent a cottage there for about £500-3000 per night if you are interested. I couldn’t find any information online about camping rates so I decided to leave it and cycle on…I wonder though how much they would charge for me to rent a two metre square on this 400 acre plot?

Through Langford, Totham, Tiptree and then to Colchester my destination for the night.

I know I’ve already posted it but it’s smart isn’t it
Even little bungalows can be really smartened up. I like timber cladding

Wickham Bishops was another beautiful village I just had to stop at and will remember. The village is mentioned in the domesday book and I though to myself I could live here. I parked myself down and pulled up the Rightmove property app. YES… 18 properties for sale…

Wickham Bishop
Swallows and Amazons ish
That new old / timber brick mix again…

Take a look yourself… Put it this way I shan’t be living here in the short term…

So another great day. I met some lovely people. I saw some amazing homes. I continued to ponder my future-well just tomorrow, because that’s all we can really be sure about, and I covered a good 43 more miles on my amazing adventure

These guys didn’t make it…
Suffolk tomorrow

Job done

Over and Out

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

2 thoughts on “Day 42, Crisp mornings, Sympathetic timber cladding and White trainer drive by shootings…

  1. Hi James. Enjoyed your Essex blog. FYI I am an Essex boy, born Chelmsford 3/7/44. I went back there a few years ago when Turner Toiurs stayed aT Southwold to see the house where I was born

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