Day 44, Old holiday haunts and good memories…a

Difficult to know where to start and what NOT to include today as I have many teenage memories from being with a friend and his vast family in Aldeburgh, happy days.

‘Keep’ going James…

My guide this morning showed me the scenic way out of Ipswich and I was quickly on country roads heading for Woodbridge and Melton. Amongst the golf courses were golf courses. Then I turned right to Orford.

Constable country no doubt
One way of getting round these rusty planning laws….
You know I like my bus shelters….this ones proper posh.. shame about the bin

I’d been to Orford a number of times but on a dinghy. I’d seen the castle from a distance. Ok it’s more a keep isn’t it. We’ve seen some proper castles haven’t we?

Ok bit better than a dingy…
Orford castle / keep really
You guys can probably fill this one in for me by now I reckon…

I hadn’t been to the bakery before. The bakery was… excellent.


The flapjack debate has ended but what about donut fillings?

For me custard every time. Thoughts? You lot are never shy to voice your opinion on such sweet matters. I’d love to hear

What’s your filling?

Golf courses turned bracken and pine filled parkland. The roads were light and it as nice to be going at a good pace. It’s nice and flat around here…

More Constable and the river Ore

I arrived in Aldeburgh a beautiful seaside town. It was home to the composer Benjamin Britten and in 2003 artist Maggie Hambling paid tribute to with her Scallop sculpture.


Interestingly the scallop shell is the ancient symbol of pilgrimage. That’s sort of what I’m on.

The words pierced through the steel against the sky ‘I hear those voices that will not be drowned’ ring true for me in many ways

Aldeburgh has many many wonders to discover as does its sister, Thorpeness.

Moot Hall, est…1550
The marshland between Aldeburgh and Thorpeness. Constable country

Thorpeness was a small fishing hamlet used more by smugglers than fishermen one hears but in 1900 a rich bloke called Ogilvie developed it into a ‘holiday village’ around the central country club and dug a shallow boating meare for messing about of boats.

The meare at thorpeness
You shaking dat tail feather at me
The country club

The stone beach joining Thorpeness and Aldeburgh is pebble and littered with old fishing boats and little huts and smokeries selling the catch of the day… 35 miles done today and for you many things left to be explored when you visit Aldeburgh.

Still a bit of brightness left at the end of the day

Great Yarmouth tomorrow and I’ll pass 2000 miles. Until then…

Over and Out

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2 thoughts on “Day 44, Old holiday haunts and good memories…a

  1. Great photos Hastey, nice one on the 2,000, bit far for me to share the double with you! As someone who had a stack of donuts for a wedding cake, custard for me, jam for the boss, and Russian roulette for the guests. Pedal on

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