Day 45, A last laugh, 2000 miles passed, and a fair exchange for an old silver jug….

It’s funny how.. no it’s not. It’s a nightmare when reality comes along and gives us a kick in the teeth isn’t it?

After such a great day yesterday I was up early, ready to take on a great ride to Great Yarmouth where one of my grandmothers lived the late-life dream….playing penny slots in this fantasy dreamland of a place.

I remember as a child being a bit scared of Great Yarmouth but now an adult I felt …prepared.

My first stop was an old friends grave.

Annoyingly I didn’t find it…which I know would have cracked him up. He was a great man, life and soul of…any situation and died too young.

Rob where the bloody hell are you….

The road to Lowestoft is not good.

I quote: Assume both the Highways England roads in Norfolk, the A47 and A11 are optimised for killing cyclists. There are a few sections OK to ride….

I’d prefer not to end up like my old mate and with dodgy roads and icy weather I cycled 15 miles and jumped on a train… let’s call it another mulligan shall we?

So a bit of a random day so far and then I notice an 0345 number calling on my watch. That’s the Bank. Apparently they were concerned with my random locational spending and as a fraud prevention mechanism my card was frozen. The good news…from the bank…was now I had satisfied things with them my account would be active again within the 24 hours….Its great these processes are in place but I only have one card with me and the knock on affect was…cumbersome.

Onward I go regardless…

Anyway stop moaning James and get cycling. Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth was about another 15miles or so and being right on the coastline was nice. Quiet roads and as ever beautiful sights.

Thankfully Jersey Granny had saved me arctic camping…and my spirits were lifted. Good friends always Granny, and you keep the jug…x

As with many eastern towns there are these damned rivers, estuaries and ports in my way. Gorleston-on-sea to Great Yarmouth is one of them. Of course it was…

The river Yare bulges inland then is syphoned out to sea by a man made funnel. It’s rather strange to look at on a map isn’t it? Well if I can’t go over it and I can’t go through it… I’ll have to go around it.

The south dock as it’s called is very industrial. No sandbanks, Dubai or Maldives type luxury has yet to be identified here… the North side is old Great Yarmouth and when you go round the corner to the sea from you have… I stand corrected, you had…the promenade extraordinaire.

South dock at sunset
Even rusty old canister things can be beautiful
Old Yarmouth

What a miserable sight it was early evening tonight. Obviously lockdown has desecrated the sea front and with the added fog coming in,it resembled a ghost town. Hopefully better days are just around the corner.

Yes it’s a ghost town

Anyway another big ride tomorrow. Oh did I say I passed 2000 miles today. Anyway Blakeney and Norfolk’s Mayfair tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyway….

Keep well everyone and keep your chin up…

Over and Out

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One thought on “Day 45, A last laugh, 2000 miles passed, and a fair exchange for an old silver jug….

  1. Send a photo from Salthouse on your way to Blakeney if you go through it. It’s one of my fave Norfolk coast spots.

    Remarkable 2,000 miles, James – and you’re traveling with joy.


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