Day 46, Fog, fugitives and the good old Greeks and their husbands…

I couldn’t find Great Yarmouth this morning although I was in it. No I wasn’t drunk from the night before, unlike some…


It was Foggy, Sea Misty, basically I couldn’t sea / see, so I decided to head inland. Initially across the fens and then turn in when I got bored of the flatness…. The fens are beautiful but a bit monotonous. If you are a bird or a bird watcher… or maybe a farmer or someone that doesn’t like undulating hills the fens are nice but I got bored. Sorry but I told you I would. So I turned right at Walsham and headed for Mundesley and the sea.

The fens

What was clear about Norfolk, was that even in lockdown, things seemed to happen a little slower. Life I mean…not that many motorists seemed to care about my life of their their own in fact.

The driving around here was not slow and the risks drivers take to overtake me on a corner into a 30mph zone or a blind summit amazes me. It baffles me.

Blacked out land rovers. I think those were the Kensington lot, and mainly Nissans driven by old people. How can you tell they are old I hear you ask. Ahaha… two things, glasses and Panama hats in the back window. I see you all nodding.

Tempted to have a go…

Once i hit the coast the hills came. Ok these are not Yorkshire or Lake District hills, more like south coast of England hills so not so bad. Anyway where was I. Mundesley. Lots of military things here relating to the wars which was nice to read.

I liked this one I hadn’t heard before:

One does not mourn brave men, one salutes them. A.H.Wood 1953

I liked the idea of each individual name. Brave men from Mundesley that were individually carved into the cliff railings. There are many hero’s and brave people around now too aren’t there? Let’s salute them, all of the time, not just when they are a memory. That wouldn’t be that hard to do would it? We all have people in our lives like this.

I was in a little trouble earlier butI think I got away with it…
I can’t touch this one… if you don’t know what I’m going on about then you’ll have to read back to week 1 I think…

Cromer is as a bit of a disappointment for me today. It had been hailed as the jewel of the fens. I didn’t see that today but it was impressive how the expansive Sandy beach and town were joined up despite the huge cliff the town lived on.


Lots of golf courses here too dad

A drive away

Royal Cromer Golf Club

As I went on beaches turned to marshland and Salthouse and Blakeney are great examples. Vast Serengeti’s full of chirpers, twitchers and other curious creatures like Murches…

Salthouse and Blakeney
The marshes
SaltHouse and the traditional Norfolk pebbled houses

Out coast comes in so many forms doesn’t it and that’s what makes our coastline so beautiful. 50 miles done today and a chance to do it all again tomorrow…

Ohh it’s nice to be licked….

Over and Out

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