Day 47, delayed, lost, are we nearly there yet….

Although it’s been cold the last few days.

Now…which day am I talking about exactly. It’s Tuesday now so this is two days ago. Come on…Catch up…

The marshes

Anyway the cold, it really gets into the bones when we get older doesn’t it.. I suppose It could have been raining… You’d think that I’d be firing on all cylinders a couple of days from home but I wasn’t….

It was raining…Also ‘The Wash’ was looking difficult to navigate round traffic-wise… The A17 and A52 are both roads that have those daunting ‘number of accidents this month is…’ on and the side road routes all go across rather than round or up to Skegness and I as staring to feel a bit flat if I’m being honest.


I don’t know why because I was listening to the radio this morning. So it’s still Sunday, whilst demolishing my morning pile, and they were talking about Adam and his apple. Yes they do that on Sundays. I wonder why it’s just Sunday? I find it all very uplifting, and it’s so straight forward isn’t it?

Anyway they were talking about why Eve was created. Basically it was for company… Doing this bike ride solo has taught me a lot. One thing is for sure; It’s definitely made me appreciate my own company more but I now appreciate others I think far more than I ever did. Maybe that’s just because I’m alone I’m saying that. I don’t think so.

Anyway I won’t go on but I hope everyone out there getting company. We are all meant to be together and work in harmony aren’t we. Humility is a very misunderstood word but it’s so easy to practice. I’ll make another mental note about that. Anyway please remember what you have today. It might not be exactly what you want…but we could have all just ended up sat there looking at a that bloody apple…

Rewind. I didn’t make it out to see the seal pups on Blakeney point but friends did. Thanks to my friends for the photos and picnic. Yum.

Hello chaps

Blakeney point and its neighbour, Scott Head in Brancaster look man made as they hold in the vast north Norfolk nature reserve before the beech opens up from Thornham to Hunstanton. Great little signpost names as well. I wonder who thought up of these places:

Stubborn sand, Tipsy Head, Foulness and Cabbage Creek

Old stuff…It’s ok isn’t it?

It was near Holkham and that vast hall and beech that’s famous for films with galloping horses, cads and dainty heroines where I first met the 3 amigos… 3 cyclists I guess in their late 20’s dressed in black working hard, nose to tarmac.

They had a good loud tone about them and beat me to saying hello in unison. No chance I could stick with them, or could I?


The Holkham estate runs on and on, beautiful parkland and pristine estate houses. This is one stately home that’s not fallen foul after generations of port guzzlers to the now spiders and their webs…

The family seat maybe
Beautiful Parkland
Pride (oh yes) and prejudice?
Estate homes

Ahh there they are again. The 3 amigos. They must have done a quick loop to the Kensington on Norfolk, Burnham Market. My budget wasn’t going to stretch to a £10 coffee and donut so my plan was to stick to coastline round to kings Lynn.

Hunstanton was my next market and… what.. there they were again. Stationary this time. Oh dear a puncture. Hehe… I stopped for a chat, nice lads full of gusto. We were all like that once weren’t we….

Anyway I left them too if, feeling… in front of them actually. Novices.

As I started to round the corner to Sandringham. I wonder if the spiders have got in there yet. Probably not. The road into Kings Lynn started to get big and busy. You are joking… guess who’s on my tail… yes it’s them again. I never knew their names but we all enjoyed the banter and constant fun throughout the day no doubt.

Working mill

So Kings Lynn and a good 44 miles done today. Well last Sunday. What happens next….

Over and Out

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