Day 48 sort of… I’ve been all over the place, surely I’m nearly there now…

Next Sunday, that’s the 13th December I’ll finish my ride / bear hunt… officially.

I’ve been all over the place…well done England’s coast. 2132 miles. Skegness to where I started is about another 60, why don’t you come and join me for a mile or two? More details to come…

As I mentioned last time getting back seemed like a little bit of an anticlimax. I was warned, wasn’t I Justin. Just want to mention this great man… without Justin’s encouragement and kit for my ride their wouldn’t have been a journey…

So with help from friends, 48 days of character building stuff including a fitter mind and body, why would I feel flat? Well nothing had really changed had it? Course it hadn’t. Any problems, thoughts, situations or consequences were still there, though no doubt far easier to see.

For me my mental health issues were entirely self made. I’ve talked before about how little things can manifest haven’t I. Funny though isn’t it how we don’t always recognise it if it’s happening to us. Easy to see it in others though…

I’m going to continue my blog till next Sunday with ‘highlights’ if you don’t mind. Like the people I met. The things I saw. The routes, that sort of stuff if you can be bothered reading.. but for now…

I’ve been asked a few times..What 5 things have I leaned about myself on this bike-ride

…at the time people asked me I couldn’t answer this but I did already know…honesty is great and I’d like to share them with you…This blog has become a bit of an outlet for me… but you knew that already didn’t you…

So…What 5 things have I leaned about myself on this bike-ride

1. Well…I was a bit of a nightmare at times to live with or be around. Hmmmm sorry about that. Easy to see now. Difficult to accept at the time.

2. Friends and family will always provide the love and support we need. That’s natural isn’t it but we can push it away and eventually they might give up. Not stop…that never happens but they will seemingly…give up trying, that is natural isn’t it.

3. I’m ok. We’re all ok. I’m not perfect but that’s ok isn’t it. Others may have more money, a bigger house, different friends, a different or seemingly better job etc and that’s ok. That makes life interesting doesn’t it, imagine if we were all the same.

4. My mental health issues were a figment of my imagination..:hummm… The guilt, the anxiety, the anger, the jealousy, the lies, the lack of pure confusion and at times carnage…the lack of confidence, the sleepless nights worrying about the let downs etc were all made up and a result of me, that’s a fact. Of course at the time they were very real but now I know that my sick head had made them up.

5. The good news is it gets better. Time will tell. Time is important, and luckily this bikeride have gave me some of that to know that everything and almost anything is possible. It may require some really hard work and dedication. How many times have we told our children or heard it mentioned that “we only get out of life what we put in”…

If you have any struggles, perhaps these things I’ve mentioned might help you see the…obvious. Of course recognition is one thing… Once we have seen them there is still work to do..:

While I’ve got this blog / forum I want to thank all of you. Yes you, and my bike of course, my bike is amazing and I couldn’t of done this without her. That’s obvious isn’t it…Yes there were a few punctures along the way and a few bits of minor surgery required but we made it round. Who knows where we’ll go next…

…I went on a bear hunt, it was a big one and I’m not scared… it’s a beautiful day. If we come up against problems there is always a way through, around or over them. Remember that my friends…

Over and out…I don’t think so

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

6 thoughts on “Day 48 sort of… I’ve been all over the place, surely I’m nearly there now…

    1. Dawn thank you. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve met some amazing people that I’ll never forget 😉. preparing and leaving within 4 days, unfit, on a substandard bike, in the winter, with a tent, during lockdown for 48 days was mad but it taught me anything is possible… so Dawn have you been down to the Eden project yet… come on, crack on… I will keep nagging at you….x


  1. Great summary James, looking forward to reading your highlights and maybe catching up for a few miles. I have been a cyclist for 37 years and it has been my rock through so many tough times.
    Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

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