So what did I find on my bear hunt….1. People

Over the 47 days of my bike ride…/adventure…/bear hunt…/physical and mental struggle..OK physical and mental struggle is a bit deep… but it was quite, hard at times. I guess you knew that…

Anyway people. Why do we need them anyway? I don’t know about you but there are a few adverts on the telly recently that bring tears to my eyes at the moment

Both focus on company and companionship. You get that from people.

You’ll have your own opinions but for me the old man who lost his wife recently and the homeless man are both scared and subsequently desperate. Both have lost all sense of self worth, they are lost…yet they both display huge amounts of bravery

It might have taken days or weeks for the old man to make the call. Can you imagine him, every day pacing up and down trying to make the call for help but never quite achieving it. The fear of picking up the phone, worrying, or putting out others is irrational isn’t it…but to the old man it’s very real.

And to sit on the street, knowingly dirty, probably smelly, with nothing, begging for help…All manner of thoughts swilling round this mans head, including how he is possibly being labelled by people that pass him…well the ones that even notices he is even there…and then to swallow his pride to ask for help only to be ignored and refused time after time after time…

Yes of course…they both have choices, they could try a bit more couldn’t they…do other things… these men are brave. A bit of help and they might well be back on their way again.

We always forget, there is always another option, or perhaps we know there is… maybe we know the answer but there is just a mental block stopping us do it. Baffling isn’t it.

This is the difficulty with mental health issues. I wonder what both these people used to do…. maybe sportsmen, military hero’s, engineers, office workers, loving dad’s…maybe one was a banker that earned a fortune before that mental twist set in. Maybe one has written books, presented at large conferences or maybe they were just normal people…with people they loved and friends that loved them.

So why are they both alone.

Why are they both seemingly at the end of the road?

Should we just give up on them? I mean we’ve got our own problems haven’t we and we’re so busy…

This is my message and why I did this ride and why I write this blog.

They are not at the end of the road and we can’t let people go there…

Don’t try to fix them or do everything for them…just support them.

A friend of yours might just need an ear or would love to hear from you in a text or a phone call and know you are still there. Don’t let them down. Please.

Right lecture over. I mean message over. Now where was I….

God I’ve met some amazing people on my ride. I’ll never forget you all. People like the the two above. People who have mental health problems and perhaps some people that have no worries at all any are feeling awesome…..anyway they are people like you and me…that all love, need and benefit from communication and companionship

Just a small few of the people I met on my ride
And a few that weren’t on the ride but were with me…if you know what I mean

I’ve got to know people I don’t know… does that make sense. You know what I mean don’t you. People who have followed my blog and I receive notifications every day of new people reading my blog. WordPress says I’ve had nearly 2000 individual people read my blog. Amazing. Thank you, all of you.

Friends, they are people too aren’t they. My friends have been amazing, truly amazing, so supportive and generous. Thank you.

Most of all I hope I hope it’s been worthwhile to you and, you people get my message, remember it, but more importantly do something amazing…. call a friend, an old friend. Make sure they are OK. Save a life.

Sounds like a goodbye…

No….You are not getting rid of me yet… I have plenty more, themes, metaphors, messages and semi amusing anecdotes of course…to write about in my bear hunt…synopsis

They’ll be flapjacks and maybe even a bear or two…don’t worry their won’t be too many 😉

Hope you are well?

Over and Out

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