Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional….

Today, that’s Sunday…is a day for relaxation but it’s often when we’re not doing much that the gremlins can start playing with our minds…

It reminds me of a day in Northhumberland 2 months ago on my bike when the cold rain and wind was battering me. It was miserable and because my mind was locked onto my miserable thoughts, nothing that day would be positive…seems obvious doesn’t it yet we hang onto so many old, past thoughts and experiences…

Making this ‘positive’ video, or it could have be calling a friend helped me to ‘let go’ or ‘snap out’ of the misery.

The past is the past and if we look forward with our eyes open the sun might just come out. It did that day… and it did for my friend Nick too…

Happy Sunday everyone

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

3 thoughts on “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional….

  1. James, hats off to you for a magnificent escapade. After cycling those few miles with you along the road Sustrans track from Fledborough towards Harby on day 1 I have followed your trials, tribulations, ups and downs (literally and metaphorically), frustrations, mechanical failures, and experiences as you progressed around the UK coastline with great interest. Your blogs were funny, serious and interesting in equal measures. Your photographic snaps were excellent. Bravo, well done and enjoy the festive season amongst family and a few friends. Was a pleasure chatting with you and following your journey. Cheers Herman

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    1. Wow…thank you Herman for your message and following my journey… it’s been as you have seen a mixture of pretty much everything but I’ve not regretted 1 day and will never forget the adventure, the people – you being the first or the flapjacks…maybe you’ll go on an adventure too soon


  2. Catching up on your last few posts this morning James. You write so well. You have an authentic story to tell and it’s a privilege to read how you express your thoughts and explore your feelings. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your amazing journey. More power to your elbow.

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