Amsterdam, Beer can and Tommy d…

How you doing? Thankfully it looks like there may be an end in sight to this…carnage. Well maybe not an end, but a better way,…a different way…oh you know what I mean…

How’s your week going? What day is it? I’ve found it hard over the last week but…not as hard a great old friend did.

I used to play a bit of rugby. Yes, yes…in the old days… I don’t think there is another sport like it…I love it and even now, approaching 50 I’d still happily and proudly put on any of the the old shirts I’ve had the privilege to…sweat in.

I’m sure you know what happens in rugby short you and a team of 14 others throw an odd shaped ball around and knock the sh*t out of each other…One team wins. In this game TRY…ing is good enough; and someone looses, obviously…Everybody then retires to the changing room blooded, bruised and knackered.

Then afterwards the most amazing thing happens…the same two sides that have seemingly hated each other over the last 80 minutes have dinner or share a fair few pints together. No one is worried who’s shoulder just got dislocated! or who sidestepped who. Everyone is equal. We are all friends. Everyone in that room would do everything for another…

I remember a Welsh legend called Scott Quinnell addressing a room of bankers in the city he said. “I can walk into any rugby club in the world and feel at home, but stood here m in font of you lot I’m totally sh*ting myself”

It’s true. Rugby is a life long passion. The bond is so strong. Even if you haven’t seen a former teammate for years nothing changes. It’s as if time has stood still.

Every so often these legends comes along.

For me real legends are the talisman of clubs and teams. They’re not the captains, they are not the top try scorers. They are not the fastest to down a pint or the first that comes to mind when we’re analysing the previous nights debauchery over, say a cold ham and cheese breakfast platter in somewhere like, Amsterdam…

They are passionate, knowledgable, teachers might you say…They are connected, admired and universally respected. They are the first to notice the teammate that needs a post to lean on and always reliably conscious the morning after…oh and they never stop smiling. Rest in peace my friend.

Keep smiling every one. Stay close and remember it’s is never too much to put your hand up for help. We’ll always be there.

a legend

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