Hero’s, Legends…Teachers and givers we are not alone….

How you doing? …I think it’s amazing that the lockdown handcuffs are coming off. I was on my bike today and there was no doubt an ‘air’ of…Relief…Maybe celebration – well it was nice for me to see 2 lovely ladies dressed for the beach in south Kensington…. Everyone was smiling. The young i get are happy and god they deserve it.

For me I’m glad for everyone else but at times it fills me with fear…I reckon i’m not alone…lets not forget too quickly this carnage we’ve all been through….

lockdown has given me a damned good excuse to stay in. I used to hate my own company. Honestly, I couldn’t handle more than a day. Imagine…

Its the evening. After work…err..Waitrose…Steak. “What size sir” God knows… well…large please because i’m not going to have anything else with it. Oh except Mayonnaise and English mustard. Do we have them both? Of course we do. Oh and perhaps a decent thirst quencher. Easy. Home. Cook. Happy. Hobbit or maybe Harry Potter set up. Eat. Oh it’s brilliant. 11pm. Shush…what’s that noise outside. It’s nothing. Bath. Bed, well nearly. It’s quiet isn’t it…? Oh yes, I recognise It can be suffocating to see and read about everyone else’s positivity and joy when we are anchored into…a different frequency.

I had a friend that switched channels recently. ..

A friend. A husband. A father. A hero. A son. A teacher. A giver… A legend….

The service was the best. Am i allowed to say that Rachel? It was an honour to be part of. Actually I wasn’t there but I am so grateful the family decided to live stream it. I’ve watched it 4 times already…I cry every time but also it gives me so much hope.

I’m not a deeply religious person but do me on favour please….Watch this…

Stay connected please. If you are… connect with someone you know isn’t…

Be thankful. Don’t ever get wrapped up in guilt or remorse. It’s passed. It can’t be changed but it can be learnt from, forgotten and built upon…We are all amazing.

Don’t ever loose sight of hope. You never know…you might be surprised…. wouldn’t that be amazing…Oh and smile, its fuxking infectious….

over and out

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Just trying to cycle through the carnage...

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