Day 25. A trip down memory Lane

Sorry about the late blogs, the internet has been non existent the last few days so I’m behind with posting. I love hearing from you all, alarming concern or general keep goings… I hope you’ll all be available when Warner Brothers call to make the film? Where am I? Chepstow. In a restaurant run byContinue reading “Day 25. A trip down memory Lane”

Pumpkins, Punctures, no reception last night and…popadoms

I really can’t recommend ‘the unicorn Inn’ enough in Ludlow. The food is out of this world and hats off to these guys to keep up the quality amid these difficult times. Staying there made me think how tough it must be for landlords. Most pubs struggle at the best of times but when 1/2Continue reading “Pumpkins, Punctures, no reception last night and…popadoms”

Cycling gives you wings….

From the comfort of my room last night aptly named Pegasus I’m heading to Hereford (no chance 22 regiment in case you were wondering…) then onto Symonds yat where my mother and uncle spent many happy days. Yes it’s raining but beautiful…. Oh by the way what are you doing today? I hope you getContinue reading “Cycling gives you wings….”

Shropshire, Spiders and Sheep – Annabel…ewe know what I’m saying don’t you…

So after a really good sleep in a friends new conservatory and a some idle banter with my hosts, I set about some proper chat with George (aged 5) who likes spiders, really big ones and tractors and Annabel (8) who most importantly likes reading my blog….amazing. Hope the teeth are on the mend byContinue reading “Shropshire, Spiders and Sheep – Annabel…ewe know what I’m saying don’t you…”

A Ferry, A Friend and Fraiser….

Today has been one of the nicest so far. My trip started off as a challenge but it’s morphed into much more now. Porridge and a full English is always a great start to any day isn’t it? Perhaps OTT but my body still craves food all the time. I’m wrapped up and ready inContinue reading “A Ferry, A Friend and Fraiser….”


Good morning and Happy Wednesday… I assume you won’t think I’m cheating by taking the ‘ferry cross the Mersey’. As per the main title of my adventure…’I’m going on a bear hunt’, we’re going to catch a big one, I’m not scared – It’s a beautiful day. I can’t go round it, well….I can’t goContinue reading “Cheating…”

We’re all so close…but details bog is down. When we count the trees, we never breath in the forest…

After the ‘festivities’ of last night in Blackpool I was ready and raring this morning at 7.30am. Blackpool is weird…Yes I know we’re in lockdown but there was very little choice to satisfy my middle class palette…. fish and chips, followed by candy-floss or ‘rock’ was readily available. I settled for a McDonald’s breakfast… TheContinue reading “We’re all so close…but details bog is down. When we count the trees, we never breath in the forest…”

Fairytales, Sculpture and a gale force wind…

Well I have to say today’s been in the main a crappy day. No doubt as always, there have been great parts but I have to say I’m missing home right now. It’s 5.30pm, pitch black and I’m in Blackpool…. It’s ok to feel down but we can’t let it manifest can we….maybe I’ll takeContinue reading “Fairytales, Sculpture and a gale force wind…”

Covid compliant? Are we all quackers…

Good morning to a new day and a new week. Excellent to see these doves (all to the left) and ducks (all on the right) compliant with government bubble restrictions in Lancaster. Have a great day

A cat, a camel and a scrubber

Having never written a blog before all my do’s and don’t come from a friend, Justin…without Justin I’d be lost on this tour . Justin or as his wife calls him: the bald eagle… has written a handful of blogs as he’s toured Europe and Morocco on his bike. I can imagine a pressure toContinue reading “A cat, a camel and a scrubber”