Life and Adventure… There needs to be a balance…

Sadly we can’t do both ALL of the time can we? but maybe we can live by the principals… What a joy it must be to have a mind in balance…always ready to dwell on the good and let the negative aspects go… I’m going to make the most of the 24hours I have offContinue reading “Life and Adventure… There needs to be a balance…”

When the fog lifts it’s easier to see more clearly….

I always find at night my thoughts can be foggy! After a good nights sleep and the start of a new day things are always clearer…. yesterday is past, it’s gone. Today has lots of opportunities so no need for the long face 🐴 PS yesterday’s and today’s blog might end up being combined tonight

Blackbeard and the sea spared me…

Ive been so humbled by the humility around these last few days…only to this morning a dog-walker at 6.30am offered me a shower at her house… Being humble means we have a realistic view of ourselves and where we fit in the world today. We not dictating, belligerently….just as we are not just following, likeContinue reading “Blackbeard and the sea spared me…”

Oh…what’s the point?

To some it’s an unpronounceable village name but to others it’s home… where I am going with this? We’re all different, and the littlest things can have polar opposite meanings and effects to others… Today I’ll be conscious that MY way is not THE way and try to remember that with everything I do, thinkContinue reading “Oh…what’s the point?”