Day 26 – The wrong trousers ….

With the Gurkha motto in my mind I was off and out making the most of the morning sunshine and blue sky.

“AYO Gorkhali”

I am not joking, I mounted my bike and it stated to rain. It didn’t last though and before I knew it I was in Wales. Ahhh… BRAKE. Errr….STRAVA off…. Continue.

This is (no joke) the exact point where Wales meets England. Look at the roof… Compliant Welsh pigeons…
My first motorway service station. The welsh side of the Severn bridge. Don’t tell anyone…

The Severn bridge was another big marker for me and my journey. It’s a bit open to the elements though….The bridge is 1.6km long, a real feat of engineering that was built it 1966. Pretty impressive eh? It’s brother the Prince of Wales Bridge was built in 1996. It has 6 lanes (nothing for a bicycle though)

Boarder control – CHARGE…..
The prince of Wales bridge (est.1996)
The Severn Bridge
I wonder if this screw found on the bridge is important?

The stretch from the Severn to Avonmouth along the coast is industrial. I’ll rephrase. Was industrial. The amount of factories left to the rats is a sorry sight. No doubt there is lots of exporting things happening but there are lots of SME’s now filling the industrial estates I assume due to cheap rent etc. I can’t help thinking we’ve gone backwards.

Now… what are these things? I’ve always wondered… what goes up the shoot? What happens in next….? anyone know?
Signs of old industry was everywhere

With a magic wand or about 50 years of change i would… (standing on my soapbox now) reinstate this coastline to housing or better still appropriate industry and, after turfing out the endless salons, gambling haunts and kebab shops send those SME’s back into our towns and cities…

VOTE Haste for change….

As I crossed the Avon near Portbury things stated to go wrong. Firstly I went wrong, very wrong.

There is a cycle Lane along the M5 bridge but I took the turning down the M5. I was quite scared for a minute but I managed to walk back the 20m and cross.

Then it hailed and the wind blew. I don’t know what it was blowing earlier but it’s saying 23mph now.

The right route. Next to the m5
I told you it’s good to look back… see how far you’ve come and maybe there’s something good ahead – like a pot of gold or…

Then I got a puncture. The back wheel, which means I have to take all my kit off my bike to change it. It was raining heavily still so I found shelter outside a Starbucks.

BREATHE… have a drink first then tackle the problem.

My coffee was disappointing. 50%milk / 50% froth. Then I noticed a spoke was broken – this is a problem with the amount of weight (c.90kg + me c.85kg). Then I got another puncture. Different wheel. About an hour later I was off but the wind was so hard and the roads were narrow to clevedon. It was 4pm and with 12 miles to go to my destination. I aborted. By the time my taxi arrived it was 4.30pm and dark.

Puncture 1. Feels like the…
A mess.

So I made it to Weston-Super-Mare (40miles) …sort of…(30miles) let’s call my last hour my first mulligan….

Due to the looming national lockdown I’m cashing in my kind B&B cheques. Thanks to The Murch family for tonight. It’s a joy as ever to have a warm shower with my clothes at my feet. Washed and drying now. No. Not me. My clothes.

I’ll be smelling of roses tomorrow

Days like this happen don’t they… but although today has throw everything at me, it’s just made me more determined to go on…

As time has gone on. Day by day, we get stronger and it definitely becomes easier to see solutions and make the right choices amid the fog. Like today’s sensible one to ‘dial a cab’ and not panic. Panic is fear and I know where that can lead… no thanks.


Right I’ve got to check my drying, polish my beard and sleep. I hope you all are well and staying safe. Smile.

Big thanks though to my Whitby friends too. Yes these cycling lunatics who are still swimming every day. Nina is a….spiritual problem solver, aren’t you and I’ve needed a bit of healing help over the last 24hours.

Nina, I’m feeling great again 😉

Right. Over and Out

Day 25. A trip down memory Lane

Sorry about the late blogs, the internet has been non existent the last few days so I’m behind with posting. I love hearing from you all, alarming concern or general keep goings… I hope you’ll all be available when Warner Brothers call to make the film?

Where am I? Chepstow. In a restaurant run by Gurkhas. Bit of fate with this because it was only two days ago I was talking to an ex army officer (this chap was Top Gun) and he told me a moving storey about a Nepalese officer cadet who gave him a ceremonial kukri to thank him for training him. What a proud moment that must have been. A kukri is distinctive due to its recurve. It looks a bit like a boomerang but this boomerang will no doubt cut your head off.

My Gurkha supper

Anyway back to the restaurant. There is soothing Nepalese music on in the background. I bet you can imagine it can’t you. Bright oil paintings with Everest in the background and farmers turned sherpas in the foreground, Budha is never far away and, as this family have that deep history with the Gurkha there are plenty of reminders of these ultimate machines of loyalty and honour.

Of course with a Gurkha beer

My father used to recruit the new Gurkhas in lamjung, Kuala Lumpur too. It’s been a nice evening so far.

Last night wasn’t.

It was a shocker… Wind, rain and in my tent it was rather off putting. Sleep is so important isn’t it? However if I can’t sleep I make sure I am at least relaxed. No point worrying so much or you’ll sleep even less.

Today has been a short day of about 20miles because I was on a trip down memory Lane.

Memory Lane

My mother and uncle spent many happy times at their parents little holiday cottage which was called the ‘Nest’. The Nest is right at the top of a great hill.

The pictures and views describe this hidden ‘rabbit warren’ of a gem far better than I can so I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

Great Doward summit ring road and ‘Beech’ crossroads
Oh dear… sold by my Grandmother in 1974 and not touched since
The old ‘nest’ meadow and woodland

I met Steve and Madeline who’d owned a house a few doors down from my grandmothers, now ruin…What the heck happened to the ‘nest’ and it’s meadow, and woods at the very top of this special place?

River Wye from the Nest
Views from the ‘nest’

Steve and madeleine have their house here since the 70’s. It was great to talk to them over a coffee and much needed breakfast. Thank you so much Madalaine and link up my mother with them too. I suspect they’ll be many conversations in the future.

After going down the great Doward, I went straight up the next hill. These are steep buggers but so green and beautiful.

Not the best route down….
The Dowed from a distance
More amazing views

Tonight I’m near Chepstow and ready to take on the bridge into Somerset tomorrow. I went to school in Somerset so I’m looking forward to it. Is it cider season? No… bugger….

River Wye
Err… not quite the time or place for a snack debate… what is this?

A good motto but perhaps I’ll take only some of it….

Stay safe, trust your instincts and don’t ever think you are alone.

Over and Out

Pumpkins, Punctures, no reception last night and…popadoms

I really can’t recommend ‘the unicorn Inn’ enough in Ludlow. The food is out of this world and hats off to these guys to keep up the quality amid these difficult times. Staying there made me think how tough it must be for landlords. Most pubs struggle at the best of times but when 1/2 the year is cancelled….

The unicorn Inn, Ludlow

You’ll never believe it but it was raining this morning… my plan was to leave Shropshire, into Herefordshire and onto a little place called Symonds Yat, just outside of Ross on Wye. Don’t panic my campsite is at least a mile from the boarder. I heard a full lockdown might be looming. That’s tough but we know what to do / what not to do this time… maybe.

“Hello chap.. I said HELLO…” bit rude round here

I’m staying on a campsite half way up Great Doward. A tree filled, hill with houses dotted along its steep winding track. At the top is the aptly names ‘nest’ which used to be my grandmothers little retreat. Sadly not in the family anymore and I gather in disrepair but I’ll explore more tomorrow morning. I’ve just realised I forgot to buy milk…. oh we take the little things for granted don’t we… it made me think of the farmer I met just outside of ‘the lakes’, 3 milks a day….

The old clock tower in Great Doward
The winding road to the top of Great Doward and the smell of my campsite…
Yes the winding road is beautiful but it’s still going…. when will it end….

Now where was I…. Ludlow to Leominster was head down, nose to tarmac, it was pissing it down. There’s a Cadbury’s factory as a marker, which then joined me up to a more appropriate cycle track via Stoke Prior, Bodenham, Sutton St Nicholas and other picturesque villages before I arrived in Hereford. I love the mixed house cladding here and the pink. There is a mix of wood, Brick, stone and the pink which I didn’t find out about. You’d think all those mixtures wouldn’t work but they do don’t they.

Herefordshire Homes
Hello is that the…. shush

The main drag out of Hereford towards Monmouth, Abergavenny or Ross on wye is a beauty. I reckon it’s a 5mile hill. Not too steep but a tester no doubt. I guess I’m pretty fit now but broke a sweat up this bad boy. Good to look back from time to time – yes I’m doing ok.

Hereford at its best

Then it happened…

Who you staring at?

The sun came out in all its glory and Herefordshire paraded off it’s deep covering of green and brown. This is a place that’s rich with nature. No skyscrapers, man made towns here. It felt like it probably felt 500 years ago. Bar the Welsh petrol heads of course. They didn’t have cars in those days but maybe in those days there were welsh stage coach racers or something… who knows.

Hello who’s this big lad?
Ahh breath

I wish I’d had more time to… I don’t know, sit under a tree and take it in but I was pushed for time and my 41 miles was looking more like 50. know 9 miles doesn’t seem much but at the end of the day and if the conditions are wrong, that could take well over an hour.

The campsite I’m on closes for the season tomorrow. There are just a few camper vans and one other tent with two other cyclists.

Doug told me they were on a two day board meeting. I was convinced they made that up….but I can hear them now dictating to their EA’s, there’s talk of Japanese and I can hear I think the rummaging through a bowl of high class biscuits that’s set in the middle of their picnic table. Every so often I hear another bottle of Perrier water open…


Tomorrow I cross a big bridge but until then enjoy your evening. I’m a gonner. Over and Out

Cycling gives you wings….

From the comfort of my room last night aptly named Pegasus I’m heading to Hereford (no chance 22 regiment in case you were wondering…) then onto Symonds yat where my mother and uncle spent many happy days. Yes it’s raining but beautiful….

Oh by the way what are you doing today? I hope you get out and about….

Shropshire, Spiders and Sheep – Annabel…ewe know what I’m saying don’t you…

So after a really good sleep in a friends new conservatory and a some idle banter with my hosts, I set about some proper chat with George (aged 5) who likes spiders, really big ones and tractors and Annabel (8) who most importantly likes reading my blog….amazing. Hope the teeth are on the mend by the way

Today I had been aiming for 40 miles to Ludlow. Problem was my route was on a big road, the idea to avoid the hills. I met John Boy. Yep John boy early on, who for his 70th birthday, cycled 70miles to the welsh coast. Respect JB. Anyway i was sharing my route as was promptly re-routed. I said to John Boy before leaving “trust you cycled back too from the welsh coast”, well he nearly threw his sandwich at me….

Err hang on is that a hill in for distance?

But more Importantly is can’t be… C a wham bar….?

I also met Celia today. Now Celia is the dame Edna Evarage of a little village called Minsterley. Again probably about 70 years old and although absolutely no resemblance to a man but she had dame Edna’s smile, constant cheeriness and as she admitted the nosiness ‘I have to know everything that’s going on in the village’ she says as she waves me off with an offer of a hot shower whenever I passed again. “Just ask anyone in the village where I live, they all know me”. Lovely to meet two more wonderful people who clearly put others before themselves. True givers.

My new route. And yes I did curse John boy a couple of times, added 10 miles onto my previously planned 40. Shropshire has some hills as well. Bugger. A lot of the long gradual accents rather than the Yorkshire and Cumbria Zig Zags.

Actually a long hill I’m Shropshire

Although desperate for a visit, 5 miles was a long was a long way to go to the bog
A river. Sounded nice so I stopped for a bit
Ahh hills

It was a hard day but I had Fraser and his mum Belinda in my mind from a couple of nights ago.

Belinda has been open water swimming 1km every day for the last 60 days. On her last day I was lucky enough to join her, her husband Ian and their friends. All barking mad! She has been doing the swim to raise money for the ward where her son is….

A morning swim – nice kit I know – sorry
Hello who’s this….

…a legend
Belinda and Ian
The A-Team

Fraser was hit by a lorry earlier this year.

He is in a bit of a mess but in great hands. Magical hands.

But it’s going to take time… Fraser is one of the lucky ones as beds on this ward are always full. Some don’t get the chance and that’s wrong. So wrong.

Id like to ask you once if you can help please do. It would mean a lot to me.

So I made it to Ludlow. Ludlow is a little gem isn’t it? Old no doubt. I’ll get some more facts for you tomorrow as I explore in the morning. I know you all like facts.

Old Ludlow
Older Ludlow
Really old Ludlow
Ancient Ludlow
Err…What’s that baby camel doing here…

50miles today with hills was a struggle and I (and you! As i might have got lazy again and missed a blog) by the way I was blown over by the comments, commenting on me missing committing on yesterday…Anyway, I’m fling off again aren’t I. We all have Richard and Hetta’s to thank otherwise I’d be in a field. My batteries are flat. Not even Claire’s banana brick (dammed tasty) could revive me enough…Anyway their kind offer/quickly accepted of a bed. A princess bed I’ll have you know…and breakfast in my aptly names room (Pegasus) is a godsend.

Ahh it’s nice to have sheets….

Continued thanks to you all for the support , messages and kind words. If anyone comments on my spelling again… it will be the doghouse….

It means a lot and honestly keeps me going. Today was one of those days where I though I’ve done enough…but tomorrow’s a new day and…I might go on a bike ride….

Over and out

A Ferry, A Friend and Fraiser….

Today has been one of the nicest so far. My trip started off as a challenge but it’s morphed into much more now.

Porridge and a full English is always a great start to any day isn’t it? Perhaps OTT but my body still craves food all the time.

I’m wrapped up and ready in my Proviz. Shameless plug but this gear is so so good.

Down at the docks I needed to get my map out. Bugger… where’s the bridge across the Mersey?

Not my lift…

On the ferry. No I’d didn’t hitch a lift on the ‘Sir David Attenborough’, I met a ‘bubble’ from the Wirral cycling club. I said hello and asked where they we’re heading.

Quick dip?
of course I sung
The docks
The Wirral cycling club – a great team to ride with this morning

Perfect I thought, I could follow them out of the Birkenhead docks and through the Wirral onto the Chester road. This lovely bunch must have read my mind. I was having Grimsby deja vu where I got very lost. “why don’t you join us” asked Ian, the team leader for the day. It was an absolute pleasure to ride with these guys, hear their stories and learn about the Wirral.

As I left a text came in. It was a friend who had been threatening to come out and visit me since day 1 ‘I’m on the B5130 cycling towards you’….

Although not a day had gone by where I have met and had conversations with people, really nice people. I’ve missed my friends. They have been supportive and there has been lots of banter on the texts but to see one was… amazing. Henry had taken a day off and driven 2 hours to ride with me for the afternoon. What a friend.


The roads along the Welsh boarder are beautiful. The people, as I had expected were full of smiles and warm hellos as we neared the Wrexham area. English border side of course. There was absolutely no way that we ever crossed purposely or accidentally the Welsh border. That would have been illegal.

After Henry had finished cleaning, oiling and fixing my shoes I let him go. A bit reluctantly. I hope he had a good day too. I think he did and maybe he’ll be back for a day. Maybe others too as I plod on over the next 6 weeks or so.

Come on Henry hurry up with my shoes,
I’m getting cold……
Sheffiled – Home Home

My base for the night had potential to be a bit emotional. I was really looking forward to it though. I’ll explain more later / tomorrow but I was staying with a dear friends parents.

So Friday tomorrow and a big day for many reasons. Night Night


Good morning and Happy Wednesday…

I assume you won’t think I’m cheating by taking the ‘ferry cross the Mersey’.

As per the main title of my adventure…’I’m going on a bear hunt’, we’re going to catch a big one, I’m not scared – It’s a beautiful day.

I can’t go round it, well….I can’t go though it, without sinking so I’d better go on it…

Have a great day

We’re all so close…but details bog is down. When we count the trees, we never breath in the forest…

After the ‘festivities’ of last night in Blackpool I was ready and raring this morning at 7.30am. Blackpool is weird…Yes I know we’re in lockdown but there was very little choice to satisfy my middle class palette…. fish and chips, followed by candy-floss or ‘rock’ was readily available. I settled for a McDonald’s breakfast…

Blackpool lights, a lot of people and probably a lot of candy-floss sales

The plan today was to put my foot down and get through Liverpool – 50miles.

The roads, whichever route, are A roads and busy. It’s daunting at the best times cycling on there roads. The lorries do give us space but it’s the vacuum that’s created as they pass and it’s exaggerated by the weight I’m carrying.

It wasn’t a nice ride being honest but job done.

What’s that, in a field in the middle of nowhere
Little bit scary
Lunch on a bench

Hello who’s this….

I love robins

I came across a big store full of metal animals. Some were life sized. They had hundreds of animal sculptures and I thought they looked great.

15000 hours…

They are made in Africa by Africans out of the old oil drums that litter their country. The biggest sculptures take 15000 hours. The charity is called PANGEA

Get off…

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Liverpool. I just saw the mix of the current docks and the signs of its vastness in the past and the new ‘docks’ set up to celebrate Liverpool’s 20th century.

The working docks
Remnants of the past
A lot of padlocks
Liverpool’s old and new

I just say THANK YOU to everyone who has offered a bed and breakfast for me. It means the world.

I love the camping experience but it’s a bit wet, cold and in certain areas camping is just non existent (due to either covid or suburbia related)

Jack and Sam… tonight’s stay in Liverpool is….warm and dry to say the least. Than you

Before I go I wanted to say: Today I met a lovely lady who was front of house in McDonald’s in Blackpool. Today I rode for you my friend.

“I think you know all the answers and I have no doubt that, one step at a time, you can make those little changes and be back and firing on all cylinders soon. Little steps that’s all it takes. As I say, today was for you. You are so close. X

Fairytales, Sculpture and a gale force wind…

Well I have to say today’s been in the main a crappy day. No doubt as always, there have been great parts but I have to say I’m missing home right now. It’s 5.30pm, pitch black and I’m in Blackpool….

Blackpool sunset

It’s ok to feel down but we can’t let it manifest can we….maybe I’ll take a blustery walk and take in the Blackpool lights – I’m sure that will cheer me up. No doubt better than just lounging around. But its hard isn’t it, sometimes. Come on be positive.

Right, today…The day started with Decisions, decisions … After breakfast of course, on the Morecambe sea front. Breakfast is so easy to skip but it’s the most important meal of the day. Well it’s out fuel isn’t it? Nothing works well without ‘fuel’ does it? Choices – nice to have choices…So where to today , Blackpool (41miles) or Southport (61miles). I decided to see how it goes, as usual and am glad I did.

Covid compliant animals. Excellent behaviour
So golfers – you think you’re clubhouse is impressive? Lancaster GC

I had to pass though Lancaster, not strictly on the coast I know, but my journey keeps getting plagued by this unfortunate lockdown and it had a bridge which, I had to go over. No way under, No way round…Lancaster’s definitely a place of historic importance I thought so I investigated. Aha a castle. I’ve see a few of those whilst cycling up the east coast to Berwick as you know but this was pretty impressive, as castles go.

Lancaster Castle gatehouse built in 1405

Then I noticed a HMS Prison sign on the gates. So, the castle has a formidable gatehouse, wow, it was built in 1405. Round about the 1790’s the castles use changed to housing felons / prisoners. Men and women were separated by a high wall. There was a topping yard where the gallows were used until hanging was abolished in 1910. Doesn’t seem that long ago does it? The prison is no longer a prison and has now many uses but the old still exists.

Change of uses
The wardens quarters….

I met Alan in the castle and was very glad I did. Alan was bribing the prison guards with a freshly plucked pheasant…and we got taking. Alan is a sculptor who’s workshop is one of the old castle rooms. What a place for inspiration. I loved Alan’s work. Blending this artisan craft with his sense of fun and humour was right up my street. I (sort of) commissioned him immediately to document my journey around England and my reasons for it, in stone.

Alan wards work
(Royal society of sculptures and still locked up in Lancaster castle)
On the left – The vagrant on top surrounded by the callous lord, the executioner and the judge.

On the right you’ll see each bust has a tiny cavern carved out and a little character depicting who each might be thinking about at this time…

Lancaster had other interpretations of the past as well as the normal mix of old and new architecture.

The road from Lancaster to the next bridge at Hambleton was 18miles across the flats of Preesall and Wyre. The wind was gruesome I expected to meet the British cycling team training. OK I’m not racing but cruising on the flat around 15 mph. Every time I turned into the wind I was knocked back to 7mph. As I turned out of it I was straight back to 15mph.

The ‘canal’ is long but we’re always moving forward aren’t we…
Britain gone mad.

If you happen to be walking in the middle nowhere and suddenly feel a need to disfigure this wooden finger post, there is a metal plaque to advise it may lead to prosecution….

The roads around there were extremely busy too for a level 3 lockdown area. I decided it was none of my business though and picked up some eggs for lunch from a farm and cycled off to find a quiet place for a late lunch.


Across the bridge and near Fleetwood I found a little boatyard and it’s surroundings that reminded me of a mad max film. I had my eggs and rice on, and I mean on, the ‘main duke’ on the ‘skippool creek’… surreal. The sun was out and actually felt quite warm so I made the most of it and decided that a boarding house / B&B in Blackpool was the days destination.

‘skippool creek’ and the boats births on wooden stilts. The tide can rise 30m here.
Tasted better than it looks.
6 eggs and rice on an empty birth actually over the creek. Amazing

So I’m in Blackpool… What can I say. It’s not my cup of tea I’m afraid….

Hope you are all well. It’s getting cold and dark isn’t it. Don’t take anything for granted, it could be a long winter….

Sometimes I listen to music to cheer me up but it can also do the opposite. Careful what you choose to play… today I played: Gorillaz – Feel Good inc. Yes I know a bit funky for a 47 year old but I used to be cool ahaha.

Over and Out

Covid compliant? Are we all quackers…

Good morning to a new day and a new week. Excellent to see these doves (all to the left) and ducks (all on the right) compliant with government bubble restrictions in Lancaster. Have a great day

A cat, a camel and a scrubber

Having never written a blog before all my do’s and don’t come from a friend, Justin…without Justin I’d be lost on this tour . Justin or as his wife calls him: the bald eagle… has written a handful of blogs as he’s toured Europe and Morocco on his bike.

I can imagine a pressure to find something interesting or re-live a funny story, etc every day but sometimes, a day goes by and that doesn’t really happen. Today was one of those days.

I am often asked… what is the one thing that’s vital on a tour like this… a good old scrubber. It was nice on my beard today as it’s starting to itch a bit often 3 weeks. Is that normal?

The rain woke me at 5am. In the ‘old days’ that’s when I went to bed. I could never do an all-nighter like they seem to be able to do these days. Stamina.

A new county and…new restrictions

I’ve said before you just have to crack on. Easily said, I know… and easy for others to…‘judge’ and, get frustrated or perplexed when we…don’t. I say that with clenched teeth but, until you’ve been there it’s impossible to know how difficult it can be to tick off the easiest of tasks on your own.

Up in the lakes at this time of year the rain and wind is not going to ease however long you wait. I think back to those D of E guys a few days ago. Up in the rain at 6am, breakfast and tents away in total silence. Grim faces thinking about the finish, mums home cooked food and probably the next stage in GTA or FIFA…

The end of the lakes – Windermere

I thought it might be interesting to show you my starva hill stats through the lakes and Yorkshire in comparison. Yorkshire was worse but I think I took an easy route via the lakes tbf.

3 days in the lakes
3 days in Yorkshire

Hello what’s this… a baby camel in the middle of a donkey field in Cumbria….

What… that’s not a donkey
Are you lost mate?

As the morning went on, Windermere got smaller and then ended and so did the rain. It was bizarre. Like I was on-top of a mountain looking at the plains below. I took one photo and freewheeled down into it with a huge grin on my face.

I can see the sea

I couldn’t see a hill unless I looked back and loved the different ‘burn’ in my legs that was created by speed… I was on a big road but for those few miles it felt that I was going so fast that cars weren’t able to overtake me. Then I remembered, as a small horse box overtook me, that it was Sunday, and there just wasn’t that much on the road. Forget that. I was bombing it and it felt amazing.

Oh not another mountain. It didn’t need much to grind this one down…. (double jersey cream in case you were wondering)
A beach

Whilst checking my coordinates and…perhaps a little breath. I met Val and her woofer. I liked Val. She’s spent 20 years working with children effected by mental health issues and we had a good old natter. Unsurprisingly we agreed on a lot.

Val left me with a nice acronym for HOPE





Literally a minute later I met a farmer riding a sheep. I don’t know much about farming, do ewe? Anyway we got talking too. 3 milks a day. No not his sheep, his vaches.

His alarm goes off at 3.15am and he’s back in his house at 8.30pm… he was 44 and had given up wives after loosing 2 to his work and our needs….

Now then, Hello who’s this….

Top cat

I was feeling good today after a slower pace this morning and added a respectable 45miles (over 750m now over 17 days) and ended up in Morecambe bay. I couldn’t resist seeing a day cyclist struggling up a hill near morecambe and mustered all my remaining energy, to calmly and serenely pass him.

The sea and those forgotten hills of the lakes way behind me now

He had an expensive bike and was so surprised by 15 year old racer packed to the nines like the old sights of families going on holiday in the Uk, and my carefully chosen words “what’s up with you” that he actually had to stop in fear of laughing himself off his bike. I have him the right hand wave. No turning round of course and gasped on… rather satisfied with myself.

Anyway tomorrow’s work so you should all be in bed so I’ll leave you. Have a good day tomorrow whatever it may bring. If it brings a whole load of shit, remember you just have to get through the day. A new starts again after that..Yes I know you know that, but its good to be reminded sometimes isn’t it.

“ Excuse me, Err hello…I said excuse me”
“Have a shave Grandpa and go to bed“


Over and Out