Handshake, Front brakes, Ill be there in two shakes….

That title kind of worked didn’t it… well what a beautiful day… well it is here in London anyway. What you up to? Hope you are out and about? Stay hydrated (perhaps not with a milkshake but these are the best milkshakes in the world) oh and stay connected… it’s still hard but I canContinue reading “Handshake, Front brakes, Ill be there in two shakes….”

Amsterdam, Beer can and Tommy d…

How you doing? Thankfully it looks like there may be an end in sight to this…carnage. Well maybe not an end, but a better way,…a different way…oh you know what I mean… How’s your week going? What day is it? I’ve found it hard over the last week but…not as hard a great old friendContinue reading “Amsterdam, Beer can and Tommy d…”

Labels, Life, Les Misérables and of course Lycra…

How you all doing? I hope you are well… It’s hard at times isn’t it? We should be used to it by now shouldn’t we? But we’re not. We battle on. We’re positive. We do our best to think about others. We start the day with a spring in our step. We run, we cycle,Continue reading “Labels, Life, Les Misérables and of course Lycra…”

Experience, memories and cheap UV driving glasses…

Oh shit.. I didn’t think things could get any worse but over the last year I’ve really struggled at night… sleeping is one of thing isn’t it…but then driving, oh no Middle age headlight glare. I look a right twit in my cycling gear, though obviously I’m not cycling as its dark and I’m inContinue reading “Experience, memories and cheap UV driving glasses…”

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional….

Today, that’s Sunday…is a day for relaxation but it’s often when we’re not doing much that the gremlins can start playing with our minds… It reminds me of a day in Northhumberland 2 months ago on my bike when the cold rain and wind was battering me. It was miserable and because my mind wasContinue reading “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional….”

ET phone EE

So I lost my phone a couple of days ago but I’ll load my updated adventures tonight… It’s been rather nice not having a phone. Of course people worry don’t they but they shouldn’t… I’m going to try to purposefully forget my phone a bit more from now… can’t be a bad thing can it…Continue reading “ET phone EE”

Day 46, Fog, fugitives and the good old Greeks and their husbands…

I couldn’t find Great Yarmouth this morning although I was in it. No I wasn’t drunk from the night before, unlike some… It was Foggy, Sea Misty, basically I couldn’t sea / see, so I decided to head inland. Initially across the fens and then turn in when I got bored of the flatness…. TheContinue reading “Day 46, Fog, fugitives and the good old Greeks and their husbands…”

Day 45, A last laugh, 2000 miles passed, and a fair exchange for an old silver jug….

It’s funny how.. no it’s not. It’s a nightmare when reality comes along and gives us a kick in the teeth isn’t it? After such a great day yesterday I was up early, ready to take on a great ride to Great Yarmouth where one of my grandmothers lived the late-life dream….playing penny slots inContinue reading “Day 45, A last laugh, 2000 miles passed, and a fair exchange for an old silver jug….”

Day 44, Old holiday haunts and good memories…a

Difficult to know where to start and what NOT to include today as I have many teenage memories from being with a friend and his vast family in Aldeburgh, happy days. My guide this morning showed me the scenic way out of Ipswich and I was quickly on country roads heading for Woodbridge and Melton.Continue reading “Day 44, Old holiday haunts and good memories…a”

Day 43, Two sunken ships and a fury smuggler…

My route today took. My route today was meant to take…me from Colchester down the river Stour / estuary to Harwich. Then across to Felixstowe and onto Ipswich. The Stour is not good for sun-worshipers and sandcastle designers but is a haven for naturists. No not that sort…bird watchers…oh you know what I mean, menContinue reading “Day 43, Two sunken ships and a fury smuggler…”