Day 42, Crisp mornings, Sympathetic timber cladding and White trainer drive by shootings…

I had previously been worried about cycling through gangland Essex…The signs were everywhere, strange accents , white trainers, every home had a Range Rover in the drive but no one shot me and I’m nearly in Suffolk now, so fingers crossed. I jest of course though there were a few ‘punchy’ Essex’s ladies that I’mContinue reading “Day 42, Crisp mornings, Sympathetic timber cladding and White trainer drive by shootings…”

Day 35 – Lulworth, Laura and Littlehampton tomorrow…

Yes, making good progress… Another nice morning as I headed off, lethargically…across the Purbeck hills. You could almost mistake Purbeck for North Yorkshire with its secluded little hamlets and…just lots of bracken. Today was a big ride, 54miles but I felt pretty good the first 15 or so miles… until the bank called. Luckily itContinue reading “Day 35 – Lulworth, Laura and Littlehampton tomorrow…”

Day 32 – We’ll meet again…

So it was a little bit of a foggy start to my day after last nights hospitality from Henry the 5 year old bomb maker and Lucy you pop the 3 year old pant flashing steamroller…. Thanks guys. Great to catch up with mum and dad too. Actually it really was foggy…but my route todayContinue reading “Day 32 – We’ll meet again…”

Blackbeard and the sea spared me…

Ive been so humbled by the humility around these last few days…only to this morning a dog-walker at 6.30am offered me a shower at her house… Being humble means we have a realistic view of ourselves and where we fit in the world today. We not dictating, belligerently….just as we are not just following, likeContinue reading “Blackbeard and the sea spared me…”

Day 30 – Millie, Tim and…the beech in November

Today is for Millie I know I’m no pop star or superstar but these days mean a lot to me and Millie, you’ll stay with me all day. I knew after the wonderful decent into Falmouth last night that I’d have to get back out of the bay. When we are in the gym orContinue reading “Day 30 – Millie, Tim and…the beech in November”

Oh…what’s the point?

To some it’s an unpronounceable village name but to others it’s home… where I am going with this? We’re all different, and the littlest things can have polar opposite meanings and effects to others… Today I’ll be conscious that MY way is not THE way and try to remember that with everything I do, thinkContinue reading “Oh…what’s the point?”

Day 29 – When you get to the end, turn round and head back… keep going….

So after my rather odd song rehash last night I thought I’d better return to my normal jovial, semi-educational, animal orientated blog style thing… I went back to lands end to see the sun come up. It is so beautiful. Raw though. The familiar little lighthouse beeping away 24/7 365. It really was a beautifulContinue reading “Day 29 – When you get to the end, turn round and head back… keep going….”

Day 26 – The wrong trousers ….

With the Gurkha motto in my mind I was off and out making the most of the morning sunshine and blue sky. I am not joking, I mounted my bike and it stated to rain. It didn’t last though and before I knew it I was in Wales. Ahhh… BRAKE. Errr….STRAVA off…. Continue. The SevernContinue reading “Day 26 – The wrong trousers ….”

Day 25. A trip down memory Lane

Sorry about the late blogs, the internet has been non existent the last few days so I’m behind with posting. I love hearing from you all, alarming concern or general keep goings… I hope you’ll all be available when Warner Brothers call to make the film? Where am I? Chepstow. In a restaurant run byContinue reading “Day 25. A trip down memory Lane”

Cycling gives you wings….

From the comfort of my room last night aptly named Pegasus I’m heading to Hereford (no chance 22 regiment in case you were wondering…) then onto Symonds yat where my mother and uncle spent many happy days. Yes it’s raining but beautiful…. Oh by the way what are you doing today? I hope you getContinue reading “Cycling gives you wings….”


Good morning and Happy Wednesday… I assume you won’t think I’m cheating by taking the ‘ferry cross the Mersey’. As per the main title of my adventure…’I’m going on a bear hunt’, we’re going to catch a big one, I’m not scared – It’s a beautiful day. I can’t go round it, well….I can’t goContinue reading “Cheating…”

Covid compliant? Are we all quackers…

Good morning to a new day and a new week. Excellent to see these doves (all to the left) and ducks (all on the right) compliant with government bubble restrictions in Lancaster. Have a great day